Who is newCardigan?


Andrew Kelly

Andrew is a library professional from Perth who has worked in both public and special libraries. He has spent the last few years earning a name for himself in the world of library makerspaces and 3D printing. In 2017 he helped setup the Perth branch of newCardigan and is currently newCardigan Treasurer.



Brigitte is an archivist and part of the Perth cardiCore.

Claire Murphy

Claire fell into libraries, discovered she loved them and never left. Currently working as an academic librarian, she is also a dedicated cat fan, devotee of dogs, travel, native birds, and (recently) jigsaw puzzles. She loves to chat and meet new people (especially GLAM types) and was thrilled to join the cardiCore as an ordinary committee member in 2018.

Clare Presser

Clare has a long history of working behind the scenes - editing, broadcasting, events and generally makes stuff happen. Currently, she works at Monash University in the Digitisation Centre, where she delights in making the very old available through the very new. She is the also the President.

Clare O'Hanlon

Clare is a librarian an academic librarian by day and archivist at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) by night. They can be found quietly queerying the catalogue, providing clareifications, and curating the revolution in galleries, libraries, archives and museums in Victoria and beyond (in real life or on Twitter @clareifications).  They are passionate about facilitating collaboration between independent community-based archives and mainstream GLAM institutions, encouraging critical, creative and collective reflection across the sector, and have recently become an ordinary committee member with newCardigan.

Hugh Rundle

Hugh is one of the co-founders of newCardigan, and officially serves as Secretary. You may know him from the Aus GLAM Blogs app, @lib_papers Twitter bot, or ausglam.space community. When not doing amateur systems administration, writing bad code, or reading radical literature, Hugh works as an academic librarian.


Nik McGrath

Nik is an archivist at Museums Victoria, photographer, chatterbox, GLAM geek, horror fan, event planner. Joined cardiCore in December 2015, Nik is current Vice-President. Working with fellow cardiCore is important to Nik as the GLAM community needs safe spaces to share knowledge and explore the future direction of our profession. Nik is also on the committee of the Australian Society of Archivists Victorian Branch, which shares newCardigan values of inclusivity, knowledge sharing and creating safe spaces.




I work in libraries. I love Shakespeare, romance novels and my cats Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I write stuff, grow stuff and hate having my photo taken, hence I've sent my avatar along instead. You can find me on Twitter as LibDanielleJ



Gene has worked on a range of projects in a variety of GLAMR roles, from managing government health records, to developing culturally competent data publication resources. He has been known to crochet his creative vision of what an institutional data repository should be. He currently works as a data steward in the academic library sector.

Jenny Scott

Jenny is a museum worker, writer, arts advocate, & beginner roller skater. She has spent the past ten years working across cultural institutions on Whadjuk Noongar boodja (Perth). Jenny is currently the Vice President of AMaGA WA, a writer for Seesaw Magazine, a co-host of Fem Book Club at the Centre for Stories, and an amateur knitter of beanies. She can be found on Instagram at @_jen.k.s.

Justine Hanna

lover of cheese and wine. reader of books in whatever format I can get them. catmum. plantmum. lifelong learner. librarian. co-founder and inaugural President of newCardigan. podcaster at literaryelixirs.com


Sae Ra Germaine

I'm a sucker for organising conferences and advocate really really really strongly for Free and Open Source Technology. I'm the President of Linux Australia, Vice-Chair of Internet Australia, Committee Member of VALA and last but definitely not least a Digital Platforms and Member Wrangler for a library services not-for-profit that has a giant shed of books! Also knows as @ms_mary_mac on twitter