newCardigan is a social and professional group for people who work in galleries, libraries, archives and museums - and for those who like hanging around with GLAM types.

newCardigan helps GLAM professionals to be more awesome.

We critique ourselves, and GLAM practice.

newCardigan is JFDI.

Cardigans. Cocktails. Shoptalk.


We hold a Cardi Party every month, where we listen to an interesting GLAM speaker and then have a few drinks afterwards. If you can't make to the Cardi Parties, we usually record them for CardiCast - a podcast featuring Cardi Party speakers and interviews with interesting GLAM types. On the first day of each month we announce a new topic for GLAM Blog Club. You can find older Blog Club information on CardiChat. GLAM Blog Club is open to anyone around the world, but if you're Australian you can register your blog on our Aus GLAM Blogs web app. Follow the Twitter bot to stay up to date with GLAM blog posts, or connect it to your Pocket account. We also have a discussion forum called CardiChat - it's simple to register and connected to all our website posts for commenting.


You can contact us via Twitter, Facebook by emailing hello [AT] newcardigan [dot] org, or just ping us on the discussion forum.

Cardi Core

The Umpa Lumpas keeping the factory going...

Andrew Kelly
Western Correspondent, tech gibbon, three hours behind.
Hugh Rundle
Code monkey, librarian and Chief Correspondent.
Event wrangler, pub finder, podcast creator.
Nik McGrath
Archivist, event planner, blogger, photographer, GLAM geek, always up for a chat.
Clare Presser
Music collector, events manager, radio monkey and windmill tilter

newCardigan News

CardiCast - June CardiParty

Horror Film Archives with Mel Begg Recorded live at LOOP Bar newCardigan are proud to present a live recording of our June 2017 CardiParty featuring Archivist »

CardiCast - April CardiParty

April 2017 CardiParty Leonee Derr Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library Live recording newCardigan are proud to present a live recording of our April 2017 CardiParty featuring »

Cardi Party 2017.08 - PBS 106.7FM Radio

Since 1979, community broadcaster PBS 106.7FM has been an integral player in Melbourne’s music scene– with more than 80 specialist music programs ranging from »

CardiCast Interviews: Teishan Ahearne

newCardigan interviews Teishan Ahearne, Online Content and Customer Service Library Technician, Moreland City Libraries Justine Hanna talks with Online Content and Customer Service Library Technician, Teishan »

CardiCast Interviews: Nicholas Higgins

newCardigan interviews Nicholas Higgins ‎Director of Outreach Services for Brooklyn Public Library (BPL). Justine Hanna talks with Brooklyn Public Library Service Director of Outreach, Nicholas Higgins, »

Cardi Party 2017.02 - JAHM

Come and hear Charles and Leah Justin from Justin Art House Museum (JAHM) talk about how they started collecting art, what motivated them to start JAHM, »

Cardi Party 2017.01

Join us in January for a GLAM walking tour in the Melbourne CBD! We'll be meeting at the Athenaeum Library at 5:30pm sharp for a »

GLAM news and upcoming events

Since we moved to triggering newsletters from our website, we haven't really been keeping you all up to date with what's happening in Australian GLAM. So »

Cardi Party 2016.11

Planes, trains and helicopters Recent adventures of a History Curator Join Museum Victoria’s Curator, History of Collections as she reveals some of her recent projects »