newCardigan is a social and professional group for people who work in galleries, libraries, archives and museums – and for those who like hanging around with GLAM types. We are an Incorporated Association registered in Victoria, Australia.

newCardigan helps GLAM professionals to be more awesome.
We critique ourselves, and GLAM practice.
newCardigan is JFDI.
Cardigans. Cocktails. Shoptalk.


Check the Projects link in the menu for more on everything we do. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit we have launched cardiShorts, run a Reset Reading Group, and cheered everyone up with Quarantinis with Justini.

In “normal” times, we hold a cardiParty every month in Melbourne and Perth, where we listen to an interesting GLAM speaker and then have a few drinks afterwards. If you can’t make to the cardiParties, we usually record them for cardiCast – a podcast featuring cardiParty speakers and interviews with interesting GLAM types.

On the first day of each month we announce a new topic for GLAM Blog Club. GLAM Blog Club is open to anyone around the world, but if you’re Australian you can register your blog on our Aus GLAM Blogs web app. Follow the Twitter or Mastodon bots to stay up to date with GLAM blog posts, or connect it to your Pocket account.

Rules and Code of Conduct

newCardigan has a Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy and will enforce both. A shorter ‘House Rules’ version of these documents is part of our introduction when we hold events.

We operate under the newCardigan Rules of Association.

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report (12.9MB)

2020 Annual Report low-res (1.6MB)

2019 Annual Report (18.6MB)

2018 Annual Report (1.4 MB)


You can contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing hello [AT] newcardigan [dot] org.