What newCardigan is 

newCardigan is a social and professional group for people who work in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM), other cultural and memory workers, and people who are interested in these professions. We critique ourselves and GLAM practice, in order to take action to make things better. 

newCardigan helps GLAM professionals to be more awesome. 
newCardigan is JFDI. 
Cardigans. Cocktails. Shoptalk. 

What newCardigan is not 

newCardigan is not a professional association. We do not officially represent or speak for any GLAM profession, and we don’t care what your credentials are or whether you have any.  

To get in touch with a relevant professional association, try one of these: 

newCardigan is not a trade union. Unlike many professional associations, newCardigan is exclusively for humans and primarily for workers. We are uninterested in advancing the interests of an abstract “profession” or “industry”. However we are also not a trade union and do not have the resources to act as one. We strongly encourage all GLAM workers to join the union most relevant to your industry sector.  

Your union is probably one of these: