cardiCast Episode 36 – Cienan Muir

Melbourne newCardigan Interview 2018

Recorded In Studio

Cienan Muir, Senior Project Officer at the Koori Youth Council and cosplayer discusses the importance of cosplay for indigenous youth and the burgeoning comic and geek scene that incorporates a wider variety of cultures than the mainstream would suggest. As part of the Indigenous Comic Con, which is hosting their first event in Australia in 2019, Cienan is supporting artists, writers and cosplayers from all backgrounds to get involved in this inclusive space.

For more information, get in touch with Cienan via social media:
Facebook – ceejayandthecosplay
Instagram – ceejay_andthecosplay 
Twitter – cienan_Ceejay

Or check the Indigenous Comic Con website:

Music by Professor Kliq ‘Work at night’ Movements EP.
Sourced from Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons licence