cardiShorts episode 3 – RAAF Museum

While cardiParties are on hold due to the lockdown, we have begun to reach out to our GLAM community with cardiShorts. Videos (5-10mins) taken by a member of our community, either working from home, or going in to work, sharing an aspect of their work during COVID-19.

In this episode Imogen Telfer, Air Force Imagery Archive Curator at RAAF Museum, introduces us to the RAAF Museum exhibitions in a virtual tour. Please note that as the video was taken indoors in large open spaces and outside the RAAF Museum building, the ambient sounds occasionally overlap Imogen’s presentation.

We were planning a cardiParty with Imogen before lockdown which we sadly had to cancel. Thanks for sharing this cardiShort Imogen, it’s a wonderful substitute for a cardiParty but I hope we can organise an event at RAAF Museum sometime in the future!

Do you work in GLAM and would you like to do a short video for cardiShorts? For beginner filmmakers, we’ve written a blog post with some helpful pointers! If you’re interested in submitting a cardiShort, please contact us at