cardiShorts episode 4 – Bentley Bird

While cardiParties are on hold due to the lockdown, we have begun to reach out to our GLAM community with cardiShorts. Videos (5-10mins) taken by a member of our community, either working from home, or going in to work, sharing an aspect of their work during COVID-19.

Bentley Bird is an Ornithology Museum Specialist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In this episode, Bentley shares what her job was before lockdown (data management, pest management, conservation projects, collection access, curatorial projects); and what her job is like now while she works from home cleaning up specimen data including geo-referencing. Big thank you to Bentley for this interesting insight into the work of an Ornithology Museum Specialist. We miss you at Melbourne Museum. Stay safe and all the best to you and your family.

Do you work in GLAM and would you like to do a short video for cardiShorts? For beginner filmmakers, we’ve written a blog post with some helpful pointers! If you’re interested in submitting a cardiShort, please contact us at