cardiShorts episode 8 – Amelia Marra

In this episode Amelia Marra, Operations Coordinator, Victorian Collections at Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) Victoria, shares some insights about working from home, and moving Victorian Collections training to an online platform.

Amelia advocates for the GLAM sector on her twitter account @Miss_Meels, including challenges facing our sector during lockdown and how this impacts GLAM workers. If you would like to share some of the challenges that you have faced over the past few months, or challenges facing the sector in the coming months, please reach out to newCardigan on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or via email. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Amelia. We really hope to see you at a cardiParty down the track.

Do you work in GLAM and would you like to do a short video for cardiShorts? For beginner filmmakers, Andrew Kelly has written a blog with some helpful pointers. If you’re interested in submitting a cardiShort, please contact us at