We’ve run a number of different projects over the years – if you would like to get involved or suggest something new, let us know!


Our events are called “cardiParties“, but you don’t have to wear a cardigan if that’s not your style. A cardiParty can be a tour of a museum or archive, a talk by a guest speaker on Discord or in a library meeting room, a walking tour of GLAM buildings, or a picnic. We try to combine a more formal talk or tour with some time afterwards to have a chat and share our thoughts over a cup of tea or a glass of something refreshing.


You can find our podcast cardiCast using your favourite podcasting app, or streaming from our website. Our earlier episodes include recordings of cardiParties, whilst more recently the focus has been on interviewing GLAM people about their work, special projects and interesting GLAM institutions.

Aus GLAM Blogs

AusGLAMBlogs does what it says on the tin. You can find Australian GLAM-themed blogs, register your own, and search the back catalogue of blog posts using the web app, or simply follow the Twitter bot to see posts in your feed as they are published. You can also download an OPML file that includes every feed, or connect it to your Pocket account so you never miss a post!

Aus GLAM Space

Aus GLAM Space is a Mastodon server providing a social media environment where you can talk with other Australasian GLAM people without the noise of Twitter.

Previous Projects

GLAM Blog Club

On the first of every month we announced a new theme, and GLAM bloggers wrote a post inspired by the theme. Some took a literal approach, whilst others came up with surprising and creative interpretations. GLAM Blog Club was designed to provide bloggers with a monthly inspiration so that they always had “something to blog about”.


cardiShorts were born in Covid Lockdown. These snappy videos from our community featured some GLAM spaces, as well as short talks about how people were continuing their work from ad hoc home offices.


Another Covid Lockdown project, Quarantinis with Justini paired a video provided by a newCardigan community member showing them making their favourite cocktail, with a “book pairing” from past President and Literary Elixirs host Justine Hanna.