Quarantinis with Justini Episode 6

Back when we started this little experiment in cocktails and quarantine we didn’t expect a lot of responses so I filmed an extra video, complete with new title puns. Luckily we’ve had a lot of wonderful cardies share their amazing mixology skills. Sadly the well has run dry and you have to put up with me mixing up a variation on an old fashioned. Thankfully you get a palate cleanse with Justine and another excellent book recommendation.

We need more cocktail videos! So if you’re bored and looking for a project to do, get out a camera, mix up your favourite comfort drink, and get filming.

To share your own quarantini, upload a brief (max 2 minutes) video of you making, drinking, and/or describing your favourite beverage, using this magic link, and make sure you remind us who you are!