GLAM Blog Club – June 2019

May was our month to talk about Pleasure.

Interestingly this seemed to be a difficult topic with not very many blogs posted. Could this be because it is tough to talk about work as a pleasure or are we all secretly unhappy in our GLAMRous working lives? Or maybe, sometimes, there are more pleasurable things to do than blog about Pleasure?!

Whatever the reason, here are some thoughts on Pleasure … for your pleasure. (Sorry!)

Anne vlogged on the difference between Happiness and Pleasure, how we define these and where does chocolate cake fit in! Love the book recommendation and happiness tips too 🙂

Melly reflects on her time on desk and the pleasure she gets from helping her people.

And on a slightly more sombre note, Clare shares her loss of pleasure in reading and how she plans to get her reading groove back!

Our June topic was suggested by Michaela and is …Radical.

This month you could reflect on how your GLAM spaces could be more radical, or how they are already radical and what this means to you and your organisation. Do the people visiting your GLAM space know how radical you are? Is it possible for your GLAM space, organisation or yourself to be radical? Is being radical political? Social? Personal?

However you choose to interpret the theme, make sure you tag your blog post ‘GLAM Blog Club’ and your social media links with ‘#GLAMBlogClub’ – and of course if you haven’t already done so, register your blog.

We can’t wait to see what you write!

cardiCast Episode 53 – Incendium Radical Library (IRL)

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Recorded Live

Incendium Radical Library is a community library, reading room, and publishing press with a focus on radical politics and critical literature. The library started as a challenge the commodification of libraries, whether government, university, or council based. They see a mass production of a certain type of thinking which reproduces the structures of oppression that we live under. This cardiPaty, held in February of 2019, was host by two integral volunteers, Tilly and Anna-lise, who discusses that collection’s ideologies, community support and how they keep their doors open.

Music by Professor Kliq ‘Work at night’ Movements EP.
Sourced from Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons licence