cardiShorts 2 – Make a zine with Kassi

Kassi Grace loves zines.

She loves reading zines, making zines, collecting zines, selling zines, and discovering zines. And she wants you to love them too! That’s why Kassi also loves teaching zines. Prepare your A4 sheet of paper, sharp paper scissors, and favourite pens, and then check out Kassi’s cardiShort video below to find out how to make your first zine!

Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean we have to stay apart – that’s why newCardigan is bringing you cardiShorts whilst we can’t run cardiParties. Of course, when we say ‘newCardigan’ we mean you – all the wonderful people who make up the newCardigan community! To feature in your very own cardiShort email and let us know your big idea! Our 10 minute Film School will help you to craft the perfect cardiShort video.

Thanks to Kassi for making this episode, and Andrew Kelly for post-production.