GLAM Blog Club April 2018

April is here, Daylight Savings is over, and we’re all happy to be on Easter holidays. Happiness was our theme for March and as usual the newCardigan community shared some great blog posts.

Rebecca was first in with a post about her amazing trip to the Anna Amalia Bibliothek. Kara, meanwhile, told us about the moment she realised that librarianship would make her happier than search engine optimisation. Our own happiness specialist Anne, shares seven tips to make you a happier librarian. The Andrews took us on a long digression about archiving Twitch streams, took happiness in other people’s happiness, and waxed lyrical about …books! Stacey’s happiness comes from climbing (literal) cliffs, whereas Clare likes to play word games and think about utopias. Alissa loves being a librarian and she’s not even sorry, whereas I am sorry that my GLAM Blog Club post in March was actually on our February theme: Watch. Nik loves looking at photos of people (hello Instagram!), whilst Lydia’s personal Happiness Project turns out to be her profession: lucky Lydia! Lucinda found happiness at Geelong Gallery’s Kylie on Stage exhibition, whilst Michaela, despite being overseas at an amazing conference, still found time to blog about the surprising happiness that comes from eating real poutine. Finally, new GLAM Blog Clubber Donna finds happiness in libraries.

For April, our theme is Control. Are you, perhaps, a little bit of a control freak? Or are you more interested in finding ways that GLAM institutions can hand control back to the communities we serve? Do you hope to one day take control as a CEO or Manager of an institution? Or are you just trying to find a way to control your email inbox? Let us all know!

Most importantly, make sure you use a controlled vocabulary before you publish your blog post. Use the tag GLAM Blog Club in your post, and #GLAMBlogClub for any social media posts linking to it. And of course if you haven’t done so yet, remember to register your blog at Aus GLAM Blogs. Happy blogging!