GLAM Blog Club June – Exuberance

May’s theme was snap! Snap! It’s almost a word that cannot be separated from an exclamation mark! Katalin explores recycling and e-waste ideas for GLAM in Ideas to make you shout “SNAP!”

The theme for June is exuberance. Another word that isn’t easily separated from an exclamation mark! Excitement! Energy! Youthful exuberance! How will you interpret this theme?! Are you exuberant about the collections you work with? What excites you about your job? Is there a lot of youthful exuberance in your workplace? We look forward to reading your blogs.

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GLAM Blog Club May – Snap

In April we lowered the Jolly Roger and launched our new GLAM Blog Club theme, Obsession. Our bloggers rose to the challenge.

Lynda Kelly kicked off the month with a quick #ThrowbackThursday post revisiting a study conducted at the Australian Museum with very young audiences. The ALIA Sustainable Libaries group, and yours truly both wrote about the Easter break, albeit in different ways. Alisa shared a thoughtful post about making a job change voluntarily as her life priorities have changed, Andrew wrote about the dangers of letting career planning become an obsession, whilst Danielle completed her two-part series on what to do if the job search isn’t voluntary.

Nicole shared some news: if you hurry, you can make it to the Textiles in Bloom exhibition at Villa Alba in the Melbourne suburb of Kew this weekend. Kate wrote up some great notes from the Recordkeeping Roundtable session on theory, models and strategies for today’s workplace, whilst Barbara shared reflections on the same session.

Alissa used to be obsessed with Twitter, but now finds it’s too noisy and anxiety-inducing. Nikki’s deafness (or rather, the way it is often not accommodated) often leads her to feel the same way in social spaces – she shared some ways you can help to reduce “deaf anxiety”. Danielle returned to the office after 400 days of WFH, and also felt a bit overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day. The Mechanical Dolphin continued to crank out blog posts, on open education, islands of memory, pain, angels and uncertainty, innovators, and information architects.

David shared an assortment of interesting tech stuff, and I did the same thing (different stuff!). It appears I had a busy month because I also shared a little tool I made for yawping made with my latest obsession – the Rust programming language. Alissa, now that she’s got all this spare time since she’s not on Twitter, wrote a treatise about cataloguing the songlines (or is that song spirals?), and what it could look like.

Impressed by how much good stuff there is in all these posts and but sure how you’re going to keep it all in your head? Don’t worry, Inger has spent twenty years creating the perfect note taking system.

So now it’s May, and time for a new topic – Snap. Maybe you want to share your love of photography. Perhaps you had a close encounter with a crocodile. It could be that your patience ran out recently and you want to reflect on that. However you interpret the theme, be sure to tag your post GLAM Blog Club, and share it on social media with #GLAMBlogClub. If you’ve not already registered you blog, you can do so at Aus GLAM Blogs and your fresh posts will be automatically shared with the world on Twitter, Mastodon and at Happy blogging!

GLAM Blog Club April – Obsession

Well, well, well… 
The beginning of March was a weird little blip for one of the cardiCommittee (that member being me), so the theme of PIRATE got a run for 2 months!
Are there a lot of blog posts about the GlamBlogClub theme for adventure and derring-do?
This is debatable.
Are there a lot of blog posts to cover?
My word, yes there are. 
So let’s get to it.

Here are some Pirate posts: 

Archiving Pirate Genders – Transgressive Archivist 
3 ways to remain true to your goals, like The Dread Pirate Roberts (AKA Westley) from The Princess Bride – Avril Cross

For those that so want to sail the seven seas of (other) information…

Research and writing (the treasure maps of academia)
Semi-Structured Interview tips – Niamh Quigley 
What I wish I had Know at the Start of My Masters Project – Niamh Quigley
How to Write a More Compelling Sentence – The Thesis Whisperer
Getting Creative with The Discussion Section – The Thesis Whisperer
Emerging Trends in Academic Libraries. By Which I Mean: Puppies – David Whitteveen 

If you want to catch up on conferences, then these links may offer some bounteous GLAM booty:

Rebecca Lush wrote an extensive coverage of the MuseumNext Digital Summit Day One, Two, Three, Four and Five.
Lib_idol and their treatise on IFLA elections and International involvement.
Get down with your bad miniconf self and Re-live the Excitement of Generous and Open GLAM 2021 with Hugh Rundle.

Hugh has also sailed off into the sunset with quite a few Marginalia posts on Viral Computing, Histories and FuturesWhen Your Boss is A Robot and The Beautiful and Surprising. If that wasn’t enough there is a post on How to Write a Static Site Generator in 30 Lines or Less

In some kind of virtual/intellectual sword fight, Matt Finch/Mechanical Dolphin has bested Hugh for sheer volume of blogs (eight pieces… or is that pieces of eight? Too much?) with the following: 
Interview with Mark Stewart Part 1, Strategy as Dance, The Lusory Attitude: Interview with Florence Engasser, “Whose Futures Matter?” Gender, Identity and Strategic Foresight, Closing the Loop, A Discomfort Watch, Fandom and Literacy – A Conversation with Ludi Price and Endlessly Repeating Days.

If you are into well dressed adventurers, spending time with Nicole Jenkins and the following: Mary Quant at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Frocks, Fashion and Flinders Lane, Women of the Woorayl Shire and Australian Modernist Dress of the 60’s and 70’s.

Other gem’s in the Blogging treasure chest: 

Employment in our sector can be a challenge at the moment, so if you have recently found yourself looking for work, you may find spending time with Danielle Johanesen worthwhile. Seb Chan wrote a really interesting piece on collecting things and ACMI Lens – if user experience and data collection is your jam, you should totally check this out. Andrew Kelly has also raised some interesting tensions in growth and ethics, that are well worth a read. If you want to learn more of the challenge of being autistic and working in the Library Sector, then spend a little time with Alissa’s take on their experiences. Katherine Gehrke gave 3 good tips about how to continue to live sustainably in an ever changing world, because finding ways to help save the planet is as equally as important as reading a good book. However, if you are looking for a good book (because let’s not be binary about these things), you can check out Snail’s recent reads. Are medieval tiles your thing? Why not make them your thing- Historical Ratbag will show you how! Last, but certainly not least, Sam Searle’s dive into the issues of  non-use of preferred names and things to consider when facing inclusion issues in library systems. 

April’s theme is OBSESSION, so the punny lean into the previous theme seems somehow more fitting now. 

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GLAM Blog Club February – Pirate

Our theme for January was neighbour – how do you love thy neighbour? Hugh did a year wrap-up, talked about the why and how of his Library Map project and reflected on the Generous & Open Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums mini conference (GO GLAM) as part of the Linux conference. He also went through the technical how-to of automating parts of this project. If you missed out on GO GLAM, Alissa did an in-depth post about what she learned from the event. The Transgressive Archivist talked about identifying and dismantling white supremacy in the colonial institutions we work in, and working towards liberation for all people. They also discussed the information and privacy challenges that arise in a working from home situation. Snail ponders not fitting in, and who even still reads blogs anyway? (Hopefully all of you!) And collecting books, as well as some interesting sci-fi links and a brief history of the internet. Lynda compiled some digital trends while working with the Australian National Submarine Museum – how cool! Andrew does his reading year in review for both books and comics. Melly reflects on how the digitally unskilled patrons were left behind during the COVID-19 lockdown, and that there is power in reaching out to patrons via the telephone. Kassie reflects on the last year from a mental health perspective. Kathryn found the benefits in establishing a routine. Ellen talked about the establishment and evolution of a Twitter reading group to connect with our neighbours – wherever they may be. Matt has started the year by stepping into a new role and ponders scenario planning through the lens of Ursula Le Guin. He also discusses reading riskier and writing science fiction. Ellen delights us with a review of the book Vida: A Woman For Our Time about pioneering Australian social activist Vida Goldstein, and also takes us on a journey of castles in Wales. And finally the ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group’s post encourages us to reach out and develop connections with our neighbours in the shared goal of caring for the planet.

We’re well and truly into 2021 now. The theme for February is pirate. Is there a swashbuckling story behind something tucked away in your collection? Have articles being stored behind paywalls led you to resort to less-than-reputable means to access them? Unfortunately International Talk Like a Pirate Day is not until September, folks!

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GLAM Blog Club January – Neighbour

The theme for December was lessen – what lessened or diminished for you during 2020? Clare’s Micro Essays – GLAM Blog Club was inspired by Nathan Sentance’s Micro Essays Aus GLAM Blogs – short blogs that are concise and to the point. Clare’s thoughts are on critical ideas around GLAM from their “reading, watching, listening to, and doing lately”, and Nathan was inspired by the theme ‘lessen’ and how he could be “more concise” in his writing. Clare’s next micro essay was On slow librarianship and scholarship, union slow downs, and creativity and collectively resisting neoliberal time. ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group’s blog was on 5 sustainable gifts to lessen your waste this Christmas. Andrew’s Lessening the use of outdated subject headings in the library catalogue reflects on a recent project to replace or update problematic subject headings related to disability-related subject headings in a collection about hearing loss and vision impairment. Andrew (no relation) reviewed the year that was, and Hugh wrote about what a shorter work week really means. Alissa’s The caretaker – reflects on the year that was “intense and horrifying and miserable and lonely and exhausting”, and a personal goal “not to lessen my reading. I didn’t finish a single book. And that’s okay because I kinda had bigger things to deal with”. Whatever you do GLAM bloggers, please be kind to yourself, and lessen the burden of your new years resolutions, goals and achievements for the year ahead. Community will be more important than ever.

The theme for January is neighbour. Love thy neighbour? Do you know your neighbours by name? What does ‘neighbour’ mean to you?

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GLAM Blog Club December – Lessen

And so this cursed year draws to a close, not with a bang but with a GLAM Blog Club theme. We drew December’s theme out of a random word generator so we’ll end the year on the theme Lessen. With two “e”s. Have you lessened your travel time this year with positive results? Has lessened social interaction been a boon or a tragedy? Have you done more with less, less with less, or less with more? Make of the topic what you will.

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In case you need inspiration, here’s some blog posts our community posted in November:

On the theme of Invalid

ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group offered 3 invalid excuses for not helping to save the world…

Transgressive Archivist told us Your Data Is Invalid: Collecting Data On Sex, Gender, And Sexuality

I pontificated about Empathy Daleks

Alissa reflected On Agency.

Freestyle posts

Ellen reviewed How to create a relevant public space by Aat Vos

Mal has been digitising magazines and newsletters from the Tattersall’s Club and is sharing what he’s found.

Inger shouted about WhisperFest.

Rebecca went to Sculpture by the River.

Transgressive Archivist’s guest blogger asked us not to judge a homeless book by its cover.

Lynda has been analysing AMaGA’s research on how COVID has affected the GLAM sector – she’s done so much there is both Part 1 and Part 2!

Snail likes to buy first editions on spec.I guess there are worse things to do with your disposable income.

We can’t wait to see what you write this month!