GLAM Blog Club – April 2019

In March we blogged about Serendipity!

Well, except for Sarah, who cheekily snuck her post in today. Sarah is making use of her librarian skillz by advising on the ‘library vision’ for her kids’ school – nice!

Alissa wove an amazing story of serendipity in publishing, cataloguing and reference work that is so incredible the only reason I believe her is that is it such a Tasmanian thing to happen. Rebecca’s story of serendipity seemed just as improbable – I mean an award-winning wine made in Queensland of all places, in a winery named after one on the Rhine? Pull the other one, Rebecca, it’s got bells on. (Actually this story is amazing, you should read it).

Kylie reflected that what she has tended to call ‘serendipity’ is perhaps more down to  hard work. Kylie got over her Imposter Syndrome by writing out a giant list of ‘professional stuff’ she’s accomplished.

Meanwhile Anne took her own advice to try new things, and made a vlog about the relationship between serendipity and happiness – including a book recommendation! I must admit I was so distracted by the revelation that Anne shelves her books by colour that I had to watch the video twice.

David provided a content warning on his post, before sharing some thoughtful and personal reflections on masculinity, children, and the relationships between boys, fathers and grandfathers. Niamh told us about her achievement of presenting to a new batch of students about her own practicum experience (complete with link to the talk), and right at the beginning of the month I shared the story of how I accidentally built a serendipity machine.

Our April topic was suggested by Nikki Anderson (thanks, Nikki) and is …Transform.

Perhaps there’s a GLAM practice you want to transform. Or maybe you transformed your library, archive, museum or gallery. Perhaps it’s you who has transformed from one thing to another. However you choose to interpret the theme, make sure you tag your blog post ‘GLAM Blog Club’ and your social media links with ‘#GLAMBlogClub’ – and of course if you haven’t already done so, register your blog.

We can’t wait to see what you write!