GLAM Blog Club – August 2018

It’s a short round up this month for our theme of ‘digital’, although there were plenty of other blog posts on topics such as unpaid work placements, conferences and workshops, cataloguing trauma, and general GLAM musings. Make sure to follow our AusGLAM Twitter bot or use the Pocket plugin so you don’t miss out on some amazing posts!

Rounding up the digital theme posts, Miss Library Grrl started us off with a list of their favourite digital tools.

Hugh came knocking on our bird site door and wants to let you know the good word about Mastodon. Join us over at and awoo till your heart’s content.

Learn to be happier through technology with Happier Librarian talking about their digital happy things. Happy 🙂

I wrote up a recent project/idea about how to digitally capture reference queries using a location based RFID reader. Riveting stuff.

Melly Tango talks about the digital and the physical and wonders if there is a divide?

Rounding out the month Nik looks at where the digital age will take museums, and Clare ponders if shoehorning digital content into systems that pre-date that content is a good thing (spoiler – it’s not)?

Our topic for August is Collect! Sometimes it’s the things we chose not to collect that can make a collection, what are your ideas around collecting? Do we do too much, or not enough?

Please don’t forget to use the tag GLAM Blog Club in your post, and #GLAMBlogClub for any social media posts linking to it. If you haven’t done so yet, remember to register your blog at Aus GLAM Blogs. Happy blogging!