GLAM Blog Club August – Top five ‘weird’

Last month’s theme was top 5 ‘big’. Anne, a member of ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group, blogged Top 5 things you didn’t know you could recycle – some big tips here for going plastic free and recycling. Top 5 Big Library Ideas in History Hugh takes a walk through history with a critical eye at the role of libraries. Tamara shared Top 5 ‘Big’: Things I Wish Past Me Had Known, useful career tips for archivists, records managers, and information managers. Thanks to everyone who blogged in July.

This month’s theme is top 5 ‘weird’. What’s your list of top 5 weirdest items in a GLAM collection? What’s your top 5 weirdest research enquiries you’ve received? Top 5 weirdest books you’ve catalogued? Top 5 weirdest GLAM institutions in the world? We can’t wait to read this month’s blogs.

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