GLAM Blog Club December 2018

Yes, it really is that time of year! December has arrived, and with it our final GLAM Blog Club theme for the year. Before we get to that though, let’s see what the newCardigan community wrote about change in November.

Jane Cowell was on topic (even if it was probably co-incidental!) with two posts on digital disruption and the skills librarians need to navigate it. Melly like to dance around change, whilst Clare likes change to be slow and steady. Nikki wrote about ticking off everything on her ‘uncomfort zone’ list (including publishing her writing!) From Annalyce we learned about ‘the blueberry muffin policy’ and also all the ways she’s changed professionally this year – congrats Annalyce! Andrew has also been working on some changes moving Dodedodo to production – but cautions us that muffins, blueberry or otherwise, are for customers. Rebecca wrote about how four museums have changed her, and Lucinda introduced us to five (six) podcasts that may just change your day or even your life.

We were also treated to some great posts about changes GLAMers would like to see. James wrote about the potential of blockchain technologies to change the research lifecycle, Alissa shared her plan to rebuild and restore respect for cataloguing practice, Liz gave us a great run-down of the Critical Librarianship School held in Sydney recently, and Nathan challenged us to do more than just talk about diversity: “Why hire First Nations people into your mostly white structure and expect/want/demand everything to remain basically the same?”

Thanks to everyone for your ideas, thoughts and stories. Our last theme for the year is, appropriately, End. Perhaps there’s a practice you think needs to stop in cultural institutions, an amazing project you’ve just finished, a story about de-accessioning, or an edge you’ve reached. However you interpret the topic, be sure to tag your post with GLAM Blog Club in your blog publishing system, and #GLAMBlogClub on social media channels. And don’t worry – ‘End’ might be our theme for December, but you’ll have twelve more opportunities to contribute to GLAM Blog Club next year!