GLAM Blog Club January – Neighbour

The theme for December was lessen – what lessened or diminished for you during 2020? Clare’s Micro Essays – GLAM Blog Club was inspired by Nathan Sentance’s Micro Essays Aus GLAM Blogs – short blogs that are concise and to the point. Clare’s thoughts are on critical ideas around GLAM from their “reading, watching, listening to, and doing lately”, and Nathan was inspired by the theme ‘lessen’ and how he could be “more concise” in his writing. Clare’s next micro essay was On slow librarianship and scholarship, union slow downs, and creativity and collectively resisting neoliberal time. ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group’s blog was on 5 sustainable gifts to lessen your waste this Christmas. Andrew’s Lessening the use of outdated subject headings in the library catalogue reflects on a recent project to replace or update problematic subject headings related to disability-related subject headings in a collection about hearing loss and vision impairment. Andrew (no relation) reviewed the year that was, and Hugh wrote about what a shorter work week really means. Alissa’s The caretaker – reflects on the year that was “intense and horrifying and miserable and lonely and exhausting”, and a personal goal “not to lessen my reading. I didn’t finish a single book. And that’s okay because I kinda had bigger things to deal with”. Whatever you do GLAM bloggers, please be kind to yourself, and lessen the burden of your new years resolutions, goals and achievements for the year ahead. Community will be more important than ever.

The theme for January is neighbour. Love thy neighbour? Do you know your neighbours by name? What does ‘neighbour’ mean to you?

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