GLAM Blog Club July 2019

Happy New Financial Year!

Yes, the month is over already, and our month of radical blog posts has also come to an end. Anne started us off with some radical ideas about happiness, but on a less happy note, Lisa Dempster explored whether public libraries really are as equitable as we might like to think (spoiler: probably not). Kathryn delved into some fascinating research to write about radical kindness, I wrote a highly opinionated taxonomy of librarianship (though admittedly most things I write are highly opinionated), and Andrew asked the radical question Where are all the radical librarians of colour? If you’re shouting “I’m right here!” read his post and get in touch with him. Clare reflected on librarian stereotypes and whether radical action is needed to change them, whilst Alissa started to wonder whether the idea of being radical is entirely a matter of perspective. Rounding out our tour was Michaela, writing about her nan’s bias. I finish with these two posts because Michaela suggested our June theme of ‘radical’, and Alissa, along with Nargis Munni, suggested our theme for July: Help. Thanks team!

Sometimes the GLAM sectors have been included in the term ‘helping professions’ – perhaps you have some thoughts on that. Is there a big idea you need some help with? Or a small thing? Have you got a great story about something you have helped with? However you interpret the theme, be sure to tag your posts “GLAM Blog Club” and tweet about them using the hashtag #GLAMBlogClub. We can’t wait to read them.