GLAM Blog Club July – Top five ‘big’

As the weather continues to get cooler now is the perfect time to rug up, enjoy a hot beverage, and dust off that blog. June’s theme was exuberance and with #blogjune we’ve had an influx of more posts than usual. Flexnib shared their musings and drawings. The Library Duck shared their dispatches while in quarantine. Graeme took us on some cycling adventures and got a brand new car. Kathryn fired up her blog again with tales from academia, her big move, some lovely succulents, and an amazing new chair. Snail talked about the importance of finding time to engage, and made the admission (that I can relate to) that he doesn’t read academic papers. Danielle discussed being a tech librarian and introduced me to the term “context switching.” Matt shared some interviews and talked about thinking with your non-dominant hand. Alissa fulfills an exciting new dream while reflecting on the last few years of her career. Niamh delves into an investigation about how many of her thesis references about open access are paywalled. Bibliotheque Bound discussed their love of musicals, library leadership, diversity and labels, as well as many other topics. Inger talked about the project finishing mindset. Ellen took us on a journey through the Flinders Street Station Ballroom. Rebecca visited the new Home of the Arts (HOTA) Gallery. Lynda thought about how COVID is impacting the Australian GLAM sector, and what the sector learned and is learning from the pandemic. And finally, the ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group shared four reasons to feel exuberance about the future.

This month we’re trying something a little different with our GLAM Blog Club theme – ‘top five – big.’ We want you to mix things up by listing your top five. It could be your top five big buildings in GLAM. The top five big goals you have for your career. Or the top five big things that have changed in your workplace this year. How you interpret it is up to you, but have fun with it. You can blog about whatever you want regardless of if it’s on theme.

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