GLAM Blog Club – June 2018

In May our theme was Passion.

“Editing Wikipedia articles is a great outlet for my passion for advocating for social justice and inclusion by facilitating access to knowledge/research and promoting the power of play in libraries” – Clare gives a guide to how to get into Wikipedia editing in ’Shut Up and Wiki’ about your passions and hone your passion for facilitating access to diverse knowledge.

Andrew is passionate about the death positivity movement. “Death is a significant part of our profession from record keeping to historical sites and human remains, we need to (if we’re not already) become death positive. Death positivity enables us to reflect on how we handle death in our collections and exhibitions. Do we shy away from stories of death or do we embrace them?” – The GLAMR of Death.

The Specialist’s Passion rubbed off on Clare working with a botany and horticulture collection. “I wonder how many Librarians have assimilated their passions to the collections they are working with, or even the other way around. I mean, surely we all gravitate to the things we love/are passionate about?”

Anne shares her “tips for finding purpose through your passions” in Purpose is passion to a happier librarian.

Alissa is passionate about librarianship above everything else, but acknowledges, “…I owe it to those who’ve helped me get this far to not burn out in a fit of passion” – Sometimes you’ve got to take the hardest line.

Passion guides me, Nathan states that “…the main reason I believe I can work across GLAM is because of my passion and goals”. Nathan shares a vision statement he wrote three years ago which guides him in his work in the GLAM sector.

Lydia’s Some brief reflections on #ICHORA8 / #GLAMblogclub shares her passion for her profession and professional development through her thoughts about the 8th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives.

Hugh is passionate “…about cataloguing, and the consequences of devaluing and unseeing the labour of cataloguers and other metadata experts” in Breaking Things.

Library Snoozer in GLAM Blog Club – Passion shares the passion, perhaps obsession, of “a pre-teen boy and his gaming”.

Sarah’s Passion: a slow burn, or a fiery inferno?: “I see many displays of GLAMourous passion, in people doing amazing things for and with their communities and colleagues, as well as in the active blogging and Twittering communities. Yet a conversation on Twitter this week prompted me to consider the underlying of risk of burnout because the passion was overwhelming, becoming a fiery inferno that destroyed the house instead of being a slow burn keeping the hearth cosy. As an industry if we expect passion, we should only accept a sustainable amount of it.”

Ragamouf’s First, play this song loudly. It’s best in your office explores the author’s past and passion for Gary Wright’s ‘DreamWeaver’ and libraries and learning things.

Clare wrote a second blog about passion this month, Passion and creativity in librarianship and beyond: “It’s been a busy couple of weeks full of passion and creativity, and I’ve been starting to feel more optimistic about librarianship and life, so I thought I’d quickly sneak in another GLAM blog club given the topic this month is passion.”

Thank you for your blogs this month, and sharing your passions.

Many GLAM workers are creative at work, and outside of work. Our theme for June is Create. We look forward to reading your blogs!

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