GLAM Blog Club – March 2019

Our February donation drive is over, and we were overwhelmed by the generosity of the newCardigan community. With $1200 in the bank, we’re set for another year of awesome GLAM goodness. On the blogging front, Elise echoed Nein Quarterly, boldly declaring that we are what we delete – or in her case, what we don’t delete. Sarah has been learning heaps whilst accessioning an entire donated collection. Meanwhile Clare contemplated what might happen when someone decides to donate their blog. I wrote about donating my personal discards to a library (kinda) and Andrew wrote about how ungrateful he is when people do this. Alissa contemplated the difference between a donation and payment for services rendered. Meanwhile Kylie has been learning all about Creative Commons licensing – a kind of donation of some legal rights back into the commons – and David has been playing with Koha ILS – an integrated library system built on a pile of open source donations.

Our March theme is Serendipity – suggested by cardi community member @kazstar99 on Instagram!

We’re hoping we’ll be lucky and have lots of posts to read by the end of the month. Don’t rely on serendipity for everyone to find your posts though – tag your post #GLAMBlogClub on social media and ‘GLAM Blog Club’ on your blog. We’re all about controlled vocabularies and metadata standards here at newCardigan. If you haven’t yet done so, consider registering your blog with Aus GLAM Blogs and your posts will be tweeted by the @ausglamblogs twitter bot.

And remember folks: if you’re feeling a bit anxious or indecisive about blogging, JFDI!