GLAM Blog Club – May 2019

April was a month of Transformation.

Have you ever wished you were a happier librarian? Then you need to watch Anne talk about how to make that happen.

Hugh does another deep dive into the backend and transforms a bunch of GLAM blog club metadata.

Alissa tells us how Twitter has changed her entire world view. Hopefully that’s a good thing!

Lisa has the message of transform, don’t deliver in regards to the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Mistakes and creativity is what Clare is talks about, showing us that art can transform.

One of my personal favourite ideas (YASSS) is from another Clare who want’s to form a Queer Eye for the library team! Can a library pull off a French Tuck?

Our May topic was suggested by another Nikki, this time Nikki Sullivan, and is …Pleasure.

This month you could reflect on how much joy you get from GLAM spaces, or how our patrons and visitors enjoy them. Maybe you used to get pleasure from your job, what’s changed, and how could you fix it? However you choose to interpret the theme, make sure you tag your blog post ‘GLAM Blog Club’ and your social media links with ‘#GLAMBlogClub’ – and of course if you haven’t already done so, register your blog.

We can’t wait to see what you write!