GLAM Blog Club – November 2019

It’s time to take a deep breath, because the busy month of October is done and dusted. Which is also true for the theme of Question.

Shall we start with Ellen, who got in the spirit of things by asking us all a question?
Does Hugh want us to think more about how we discover information?
Does Alissa really need to question her IT skills in library context?
Will this lead to Ms Mary Mac to ponder her own thoughts on being enough in this sector?
Has Clareifications considered all aspects of planning a citation party?
What on earth is a citation party?
Does Sayraphim get to the bottom of why teachers are not trained in using social media?
Can Lib_idol truly answer the (rhetorical) question of How awesome is it to be at an event in Australia where white people are the minority?’?

Ponder this last question and warm yourselves up for this month’s theme Intersection(s), courtesy of Danielle (find them on twitter @libdanielleJ).

Still interested in discussions happening out in the blogosphere? Here are a few more to feast your inquiring minds upon:
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As always, we are excited to read your blogs. Spread the word, and make sure all of your GLAM friends and colleagues get blogging!

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