GLAM Blog Club November – Invalid

Our Blog Club topic for October may have been failure, but the cardi community didn’t fail to share some great blog posts.

Matt Finch appears to be on some kind of Kerouac-style writing bender, publishing a post nearly every day on an assortment of topics. Nicole started off the month with some great info about what to look out for if you want to wear your vintage 1920s fashion without a wardrobe malfunction. Edward Shaddow requested that we don’t make him tap the sign that says “Do no harm”, but I guess some institutions weren’t listening. Ellen encouraged us to be open about failure, whilst Avril gave us some tips on avoiding it. The Transgressive Archivist reflected on his own failures, and also reflected on reflecting on failure which was nice and meta. Jane shared some ideas about loneliness and libraries, Matthew shared his thoughts about the value of the global digital preservation community, and we learned all about Boyle Abbey from Ellen. Inger hates to fail, and wrote about how failure-avoidance can lead to imposter syndrome and burnout. Lynda shared a delightful story about her personal connection to PIPS potato chips and an oversized mechanical elephant. And in the middle of all of this, I shared some thoughts on what appears to be a complete failure of peer review at ITAL.

So what’s the theme for November, I hear you ask. This month we’ve got a topic you can read at least a couple of different ways: Invalid, You can write about being invalidated, being invalided, or neither of those at all. The theme, after all, is just to help get you started if you’re stuck for a topic – nothing you write will be invalid for inclusion in GLAM Blog Club.

Remember to tag your post GLAM Blog Club, use the hashtag #GLAMBlogClub when sharing on social media, and register your blog at if you’ve not already done so. That’s also where you can find the latest and greatest blog posts from the Australasian GLAM community.

Now get writing!