GLAM Blog Club – October 2018

Sally Turbitt is always hard at work, and September was no exception. She paid no heed to the theme (which is totally fine! It’s just a prompt to help you if you’re having trouble thinking of something to write about) and wrote early in the month about the need for LIS people to become Influencers outside the profession, and later about the usefulness of writing your personal values down. Glenn Harper also got in early with a rather unsettling post published on Library Whisperers that …well, you’ll just have to read it to get the full experience. Speaking of ‘unsettling’, Lucinda told us about an exhibition at the Museum of Central Australia that confronts some of the usual practices within museums, and prioritises local Aboriginal voices and language whilst exhibiting photographs taken by Otto Tschirn a century ago.

September saw a new GLAM Blog Club member join us, with Jacqui Sanders writing a fascinating post about Victorian autopsy tables. Thanks Jacqui! Meanwhile, Clare was busy writing about one of my own interests – public toilets. Make sure you check it out – it includes a picture of a unicorn pooping rainbows. Speaking of Clares, we also got to read about the most amazing and beautiful random package that strangely arrived in the mail recently. It made Clare very happy, and that’s a fact: unlike some of the weird things Anne has read about what predicts (or doesn’t) how happy people will be later in life. Kylie is pretty happy in her chosen career, though it has taken some strange twists she wasn’t expecting. Kylie also gets bonus points for an excellent historical photograph managing to depict several librarian stereotypes at the same time – nice one, Kylie.

Melly Tango shared some of the strange requests she’s had working on the Inter-Library Loan phone shift. Alissa decided to turn and face the strange of her evolving professional identity, whilst Andrew was returning to face the strange on the same day which *cough* may have been the last day of the month, not that we regularly notice that many people leave their GLAM Blog Club posts to the last minute of course. Finally, I scraped in just ahead of the deadline with a post about the strange things I’ve discovered about the Ghost blogging system.

As September ends, we’ve definitely moved into Spring – the birds have flown South again, the sun is rising earlier, and it’s nearly time to plant those tomato seedlings. It’s the perfect time to write about beginning.

Don’t forget to apply the appropriate metadata to your posts: remember it’s ‘GLAM Blog Club’ (three words, one tag) in your blogging system, and #GLAMBlogClub on social media. Don’t get them mixed up! If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to register your blog with Aus GLAM Blogs so we can easily find your post, and you can expand your readership.

But that’s enough from me – I’m keeping you from beginning your October post.