GLAM Blog Club – October 2019

We were off to a slow start in September, but many secrets streamed in over the weekend!

Newcomer to GLAM blog club, Kassie, thought this month’s theme was a good opportunity to fight impostor syndrome and launch their blog which they’d been working on in secret for awhile – welcome, and thank you for a great post and the tips on fighting impostor syndrome, Kassie! Speaking of clubs, Ros shared some GLAM industry knowledge secrets and created handouts that will be really helpful for demystifying GLAM practice (and acronyms) when working with people from outside our GLAMorous sector!

While Danielle was revealing her not very secret love of romance novels and urging people in public libraries to fight against profile buying, leave their literary snobbery behind, and start developing more diverse and comprehensive romance novel collections for their communities, Hugh was reflecting privacy and consent after death using two recent case studies. 

Nikki wrote a moving and powerful piece on the secret of struggling (and importance of kindness and asking for help)- thank you Nikki – Sharing our experiences and struggles is often really, really helpful. Anne shared some of her secrets to happiness which may help Nikki and others –  reading is one of Anne’s secrets (surprise!) and you’ll find a reading recommendation at the end of the video too. On a similar theme, I shared some of the tools in my killjoy survival kit inspired by the Secret Feminist Agenda podcast – books and reading come up again! 

Finally, just minutes before midnight on September 30th, Andrew got in a brilliant and thoughtful post reflecting on his experiences as a “Secret Asian Man” and some of the privileges and pitfalls of “passing”.  

I think October’s theme – suggested by Hana @thewhaanga will be close to many GLAMorous hearts: Question! Have you been asked a surprising question in your GLAMorous life that you want to share? Or do you have some thoughts on the what the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything might be? Or want to ask some hard questions of our profession to challenge assumptions that shape our work? Have you been doing lots of job interviews lately and received (or asked) any curly questions?

As always, we are excited to read your blogs. Spread the word, and make sure all of your GLAM friends and colleagues get blogging!

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