GLAM Blog Club – September 2018

Another GLAM Blog Club month has flown by and we’ve been looking at the theme of collect. We got a rather interesting spread of ideas this month, from personal collections through to questioning what it means to collect.

Rebecca starts off our month by introducing us to their personal collections – Vintage and Vintage-Style Clothing, and American election campaign pins.

I take the opportunity to write about all the RPGs I own and basically beg people to play with me.

Nathan looks at collecting in the context of First Nation culture and asks ‘who are archives and museums collecting First Nations cultural heritage for?

Amy discusses the thorny subject of private donations and how to say no.

Clare takes us on a tour of London and some how combines leprechauns, queer themes, and collections!

We get an insight to Alissa’s print serial collection aka that pile holding up her bedside table.

Our own Nik talks about how the Melbourne Museum’s archive collection is developed and what it involves.

I was wondering how happiness relates to our theme and I’m glad to hear from Anne that collections make you happy. Excellent!

Andrew collects his thoughts on managing a library and gives some good insight into the process.

Rounding out the month is our Clare with a deep dive into her music collection, physical and digital.

Our topic for September is StrangeWhat does this mean to you? Working in a library it could be the strangest query you’ve had. It could be the strangest/most interesting thing in your museum or archive. It could also be the relationship between information gatekeepers and the ‘strangers’ we are supposed to serve. We look forward to your thoughts and blogs, cardies.

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