GLAM Blog Club – September 2019

I have a half-written blog post about space sitting in my drafts. Perhaps some of you do too. We’ve entered the ‘mid year slump’ phase of the GLAM Blog Club year, where we traditionally tend to see a downturn in the number of posts, as everyone’s new year resolution to blog more gives way to all the other things you’ve promised to do.

Some Club members, of course, provided us with great thoughts to ponder. Ellen asked, “Who do you make space for in your library?” Clare wrote about feeling reinvigorated by two experiences of queering GLAM spaces, whilst Rebecca visited four exhibition spaces in two museums whilst she was in Melbourne – nice one! Liz shared her reflections on NLS9 and how different physical and mental spaces did and did not work for her, whilst the Thesis Whisperer dropped in with some tips about specialised writing spaces to help you finish that PhD.

Feeling inspired for September? No? Well, you can keep your lack of confidence a secret, and post something anyway! Blog Club is all about sharing your GLAM thoughts and ideas, whether fully formed or half-baked, so don’t keep them a secret – get blogging on our September theme of ‘secret‘ (thanks for the suggestion, comrade), and remember to tag your post with GLAM Blog Club (and if you’re tweeting about it, use the hashtag #GLAMBlogClub). If you haven’t already registered your blog, don’t forget to do that too. Happy blogging!