GLAM Blog Club September – Top 5 ‘Favourite’

My, my… it’s September already. Top 5 ‘Weird’ for August turned out to be strangely fitting, eh?

Although there isn’t really a huge amount of top 5’s there is certainly enough weird and delightful blog treats to go around. But if you want a straight up wild and weird top 5 of Museum finds, then check out Nik’s post. It’s a little bit freaky.

If you want to go exploring the oddest corners of the internet, however… maybe try these:

Do you know what Software Gardening is? Or Inventive Robots?
Did you know about the Untitled Drawing Club and virtual tours around the world?
Maybe you can commiserate with a little PhD Loopy La-Las, or work how the who and why of a digitally dexterous workforce and the accompanying copyright?
Did you want a little bit of weird historical fact about Matilda of England and Vera Deakin?
What is the best way to make public spaces successful (and not weird at all)?
What will libraries look like in a world Post COVID (a prospect that is appearing to be a little weirder everyday), as well as a museum streaming service (oh la la!)?
Last, but not least, some W.E.I.R.D steps to a greener library

Through September the theme is top 5 ‘Favourite’

It’s spring- let’s spread a little bit of joy where we can!

GLAM Blog Club – June 2019

May was our month to talk about Pleasure.

Interestingly this seemed to be a difficult topic with not very many blogs posted. Could this be because it is tough to talk about work as a pleasure or are we all secretly unhappy in our GLAMRous working lives? Or maybe, sometimes, there are more pleasurable things to do than blog about Pleasure?!

Whatever the reason, here are some thoughts on Pleasure … for your pleasure. (Sorry!)

Anne vlogged on the difference between Happiness and Pleasure, how we define these and where does chocolate cake fit in! Love the book recommendation and happiness tips too 🙂

Melly reflects on her time on desk and the pleasure she gets from helping her people.

And on a slightly more sombre note, Clare shares her loss of pleasure in reading and how she plans to get her reading groove back!

Our June topic was suggested by Michaela and is …Radical.

This month you could reflect on how your GLAM spaces could be more radical, or how they are already radical and what this means to you and your organisation. Do the people visiting your GLAM space know how radical you are? Is it possible for your GLAM space, organisation or yourself to be radical? Is being radical political? Social? Personal?

However you choose to interpret the theme, make sure you tag your blog post ‘GLAM Blog Club’ and your social media links with ‘#GLAMBlogClub’ – and of course if you haven’t already done so, register your blog.

We can’t wait to see what you write!

GLAM Blog Club – December 2017

November was a month of balance for GLAM Blog Club. As always there were a lot of interesting takes on our theme.

Happier Librarian talks about work-life balance, and gives us some great tips to achieve it.

Nathan Sentance discusses the need to collect First Nation’s social media output to add balance to our collections and perspectives. A great and important read for all GLAM.

Andrew Finegan looks at balancing professional involvement along with ALL THE THINGS!

Melly Tango talks about succession planning when long-term employees retire.

Tim Sherratt struggles to get the balance right between working, creating, and living.

Alisa Howlett reminds us all that we are more than our work.

I take the theme of balance literally and talk about a GLAM hero of mine.

Jane Cowell talks about activism in libraries.

Our favourite cataloguer, Alissa, looks at breaking the rules. GASP!

CardiCore Nik looks at achieving everyday balance in her work (or ‘archiving’ everyday balance as my auto correct wanted).

Clare gives us some wonderful podcasts to listen to (remember to subscribe to cardiCast folks!)

Matthew Burgess looks at the balance with professional blogging.

Finally, cardiCore Clare rejects balance and instead goes for eating jam alone in a quiet room.

December’s theme is collaboration. We’re always collaborating in GLAM. Working with colleagues, other organisations, and local community groups, but what other types of collaboration are out there? Should we be collaborating at all? What are the trials and tribulations of those collaborations?

As always, please remember to tag your blog post as “GLAM Blog Club” (three separate words in one tag), and if you share it on social media, use the alternate tag “#GLAMBlogClub” there. It also helps us do the roundup if you tag the theme on your post. If your blog isn’t registered with Aus GLAM Blogs yet, register it here.

Happy blogging!

GLAM Blog Club – November 2017

For October’s GLAM Blog Club theme we chose How I ended up here. As usual, the newCardigan community have delivered an interesting array of blog posts.

Rebecca got in early with a trip down memory lane to her early trips to the museum, when she was always wowed by the dinosaur bones. She tells us about her years juggling multiple volunteer and casual jobs before she finally nailed a full time role at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum. She wasn’t quite as early as Mike Jones, however, who actually inspired October’s theme with his post way back in January called How did I end up here?

Anne reflected on her varied past roles and provided some great advice:

I encourage everyone to think of their career like Dorothy’s journey through Oz. Expect to meet some colourful characters and fields full of poppies, encounter flying monkeys and the odd wicked witch. But you learn from these experiences.

Clare shared her journey as a collector, music lover, and people-person: a tale of bars, DJing and records of all types, whilst Nathan celebrated the great mentors who have helped him along the way. Lydia got a little meta and explained how she started her blog because of GLAM Blog Club. w00t!

Nik wrote about how her passion for photography and interest in personal stories has helped her as an archivist, whilst Danielle conspiratorially whispered to us in a dingy bar, sharing a tale of science, Oprah, and being tortured by book cases. Sharing Danielle’s science background, Andrew wrote his very first GLAM Blog Club post about moving from lab safety to librarianship.

Stacey shared her success story of moving from volunteer school library cataloguer and primary carer to full time digital services librarian. I managed two posts on this month’s theme, writing about dumb luck, fear and patriarchy, with a follow-up about learning to code. Meanwhile, Jaye told us about her apprenticeship on steroids, co-authoring the third edition of Preserving Digital Materials, and the skills she’s applied to librarianship from her career in television.

Alissa took us on a journey from ancient history to metadata nerdery via a call centre, Matthew shared his past as a photography student long on skills and short on experience whilst ‘Edward’ told us how he was destined to be a librarian from his earliest years from his early years.

Clare gave a shoutout to all the ‘Queeroes and allies’ she has met in her GLAM life, and helpfully provided a reading list. Andrew narrowly avoided a career as an engineer and instead committed to a solid investment in his future – librarianship! Justine told us to read her knuckles, Kassi told us that librarianship is for the determined and Annelie shared some lessons learned about becoming a Research Archivist.

In November we’re back to the one-word themes, and we’d love to read your thoughts about balance. Have you mastered work-life balance, or are you balancing something else in your life? Do you have some thoughts on objectivity and balance in GLAM institutions? Are you balancing study and work? Or does ‘balance’ mean something else entirely to you? Let us know!

As always, please remember to tag your blog post as “GLAM Blog Club” (three separate words in one tag), and if you share it on social media, use the alternate tag “#GLAMBlogClub” there. If your blog isn’t registered with Aus GLAM Blogs yet, register it here.

Happy blogging!

GLAM Blog Club – October 2017

The month of September saw a baker’s dozen of GLAMBlogClub Posts on the topic of “Safe”.

Some truly thought provoking writing was generated on many different permutations of the term. There were some musing on libraries being the original safe space for the writer and that disappearing into books and archive can offer a personal reprieve from current the trials and tribulation of life for the queer librarian. Some went further to discuss the sector’s need to facilitate safe forums for discussion, especially online.

There were also posts on our safe work practices in regards to long term preservation when dealing with digital assets, as well as the need to have role models in the handling and safe keeping of physical collection materials.

Then there is our own professional safety- such as safe and supported ways we can seek professional development, about being open and inclusive to our fellow professionals and about taking some risks in your career.

The idea of a professional (or personal) comfort zone, was a particularly hot topic. The need to step outside your personal comfort zone to find happiness, meaning and adventure, the trade off between comfort and security vs leading the charge via risk and the importance to take time to understand the diverse communities that we serve.

These discussions feed naturally into the possible dangers of neutrality, that the GLAM sector has the real opportunity to be agents of change through transformative dialogue and that is there is a choice between being safe and being neutral, that safe should not be sacrificed.

The October theme is “How I Ended Up Here”- all of us here at nC HQ are looking forward to each and every one of those GLAM origin stories out there**.

When posting those past hits, please don’t forget to use the #glamblogclub hashtag when posting on Facebook and Twitter, as well as tag ‘glam blog club’ before pressing publish on your blog post.

Get blogging!

**Origin stories can be tricky, canon can sometimes wreak havoc with a good narrative. We will certainly be part of the fandom, without being sticklers

GLAM Blog Club – September 2017

Nik McGrath kicked off August’s GLAM Blog Club with a post celebrating the Ziggy Stardusts of the archives, and the pleasure of silence after a long day at the Melbourne Museum. Jane Cowell shared her work creating quiet spaces for users, arguing that sometimes we need to put the ‘shhh’ back into libraries. Ellen Forsyth wrote about the people who are silent in library memberships and on their shelves and provided some suggestions for fixing that. Over on Trunk Blog, we learned about an amazing project at Melbourne’s Chinese Museum to digitise their collections of Cantonese Opera gramophone recordings from the 1920s to 1940s – ending their silent years sitting on the shelf. Clare Presser wrote about the need for GLAMers to be part of public conversations – particularly those that happen online and with relevance to the GLAM professions.

From Matthew Burgess we got some sage advice about naming your digital files meaningfully. As Jason Scott famously put it, metadata is a love note to the future. Your future self will thank you for taking Matthew’s advice! Kassi Grace shared her new project, GLAMR & Gender, and asked us to speak up so we can all learn from each other and, hopefully, listen to some more diverse viewpoints. ‘Edward Shaddow’ reminded us that there is a time for silence AND a time to be noisy, and encouraged us to know which situations call for which approach. Download Woman Interrupted for your next meeting! Deciding that August was a time to be noisy, Edward posted TWICE this month, with a follow up post about his amazing new project turning sign language into keyboard input. Justine’s thoughtful post explored similar themes, ruminating on the difference between silence and quietude.

“It’s the silent ones who are privileged enough not to need help”, Andrew Finegan points out in his post about silence in public libraries, breaking down how traditional library silence can be used as a way of excluding less privileged library users. Clare gave us another fantastic and fairly personal post about how she has become a loud activist even though she is naturally a rather introverted person. She also shared the exhaustion of having her empowering and ‘safe’ online spaces begin to fill up with hate as Australians move towards a ‘voluntary postal survey’ on whether queer people should have the same rights as other Australians.

“Men like Phillip and Cook are some the most written about people in Australian history. The removal of one monument, would not cause everyone to suddenly forget about Cook, especially, when there are hundreds of books and papers focused on him”, Nathan Sentance writes in silencing history, as he addresses the recent furore over the removal of statues of dead white men. Finally, I wrote about how you can silence @ausglamblogs by adding an extra tag to your non-GLAM blog posts. And everyone else in the newCardigan community? Well, they all remained …silent.

For September, we’re looking forward to all of your posts about …Safe. Have you been thinking about safe spaces? Are you helping to keep your community safe online? Is your museum working hard to keep your artefacts safe from damage, or is your gallery trying to get people out of their comfort zone? Share your thoughts on ‘safe’ in GLAM this month for GLAM Blog Club! We missed our archivists, curators and gallerists this month so we’re looking forward to you all making up for it in September. ?

You can help make it easier to write these wrap-up posts by tagging your blog posts with glamblogclub (no spaces or hashtag), and registering your blog with AusGLAMBlogs. You can tweet about Blog Club using the hashtag #glamblogclub.