GLAM Blog Club – December 2017

November was a month of balance for GLAM Blog Club. As always there were a lot of interesting takes on our theme.

Happier Librarian talks about work-life balance, and gives us some great tips to achieve it.

Nathan Sentance discusses the need to collect First Nation’s social media output to add balance to our collections and perspectives. A great and important read for all GLAM.

Andrew Finegan looks at balancing professional involvement along with ALL THE THINGS!

Melly Tango talks about succession planning when long-term employees retire.

Tim Sherratt struggles to get the balance right between working, creating, and living.

Alisa Howlett reminds us all that we are more than our work.

I take the theme of balance literally and talk about a GLAM hero of mine.

Jane Cowell talks about activism in libraries.

Our favourite cataloguer, Alissa, looks at breaking the rules. GASP!

CardiCore Nik looks at achieving everyday balance in her work (or ‘archiving’ everyday balance as my auto correct wanted).

Clare gives us some wonderful podcasts to listen to (remember to subscribe to cardiCast folks!)

Matthew Burgess looks at the balance with professional blogging.

Finally, cardiCore Clare rejects balance and instead goes for eating jam alone in a quiet room.

December’s theme is collaboration. We’re always collaborating in GLAM. Working with colleagues, other organisations, and local community groups, but what other types of collaboration are out there? Should we be collaborating at all? What are the trials and tribulations of those collaborations?

As always, please remember to tag your blog post as “GLAM Blog Club” (three separate words in one tag), and if you share it on social media, use the alternate tag “#GLAMBlogClub” there. It also helps us do the roundup if you tag the theme on your post. If your blog isn’t registered with Aus GLAM Blogs yet, register it here.

Happy blogging!