cardiCast 89 – Heather Macfarlane is growing seeds, people and communities with the Cygnet Seed Library

The Cygnet Seed Library is a community project in Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Hugh chats with Heather Macfarlane about the philosophy behind the project, how it works, and why the organisers chose to call it a “library” rather than something else. Conceptualised as a way to bring new and established residents of Cygnet together in a context of rapid gentrification, the Cygnet Seed Library became so much more when Covid-19 emerged. The Library brings community together, builds more resilience in to Cygnet’s food supply, provides social opportunities for all, and helps to frame our thinking around knowledge, culture, and economics.

The best way to save a seed is to grow it. And the best way to store a seed is to share it.

Heather Macfarlane

More about Cygnet Seed Library:

Cygnet Seed Library website

Cygnet Seed Library Instagram

Heather mentioned these books and people:

Cyndi Conner – Seed Libraries and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people

Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass

Rowen White, Seed Keeper

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Robin Wall Kimmerer – Corn tastes better on the honor system

Recorded on unceded Mellukerdee and Wurundjeri country.
Edited on unceded Wadawurrung country.

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GLAM Blog Club September – Top 5 ‘Favourite’

My, my… it’s September already. Top 5 ‘Weird’ for August turned out to be strangely fitting, eh?

Although there isn’t really a huge amount of top 5’s there is certainly enough weird and delightful blog treats to go around. But if you want a straight up wild and weird top 5 of Museum finds, then check out Nik’s post. It’s a little bit freaky.

If you want to go exploring the oddest corners of the internet, however… maybe try these:

Do you know what Software Gardening is? Or Inventive Robots?
Did you know about the Untitled Drawing Club and virtual tours around the world?
Maybe you can commiserate with a little PhD Loopy La-Las, or work how the who and why of a digitally dexterous workforce and the accompanying copyright?
Did you want a little bit of weird historical fact about Matilda of England and Vera Deakin?
What is the best way to make public spaces successful (and not weird at all)?
What will libraries look like in a world Post COVID (a prospect that is appearing to be a little weirder everyday), as well as a museum streaming service (oh la la!)?
Last, but not least, some W.E.I.R.D steps to a greener library

Through September the theme is top 5 ‘Favourite’

It’s spring- let’s spread a little bit of joy where we can!

cardiCast episode 71 – Nick Henderson

It’s been awhile since we published our last episode back at the start of 2020. As we could no longer host cardiParties, we ran out of recordings for cardiCast. We concentrated our efforts on cardiShorts, but now it’s time to bring back cardiCast with a series of Zoom interviews with members of our incredible GLAM community.

Our first episode in this series is with Nick Henderson, Curator at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), and volunteer curator and archivist at the Australian Queer Archives. We discuss the role of curator at NFSA and how that has changed over the last few years. Digital engagement with collections via social media and online; and accessing collections during a pandemic. LGBTIQA+ representation in collections, exhibitions and the GLAM community.

We hope you enjoy this new series.

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cardiCast episode 66 – The Presidential Debrief

Melbourne newCardigan Interview

We asked you to ask our ex President, Justine Hanna, some questions about what her life in Libraries and GLAM network is like and what her plans are for the future. We thought it fitting that our current President, Clare Presser, asks or former President these cutting questions.

What they actually did was bang on about cats, books and cheese.
And there is nothing wrong with that.
If you want to know what not really having an origin story to brag about is like, just click play!

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cardiCast episode 65 – Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

Melbourne newCardigan cardiParty

Recorded Live

Our October Melbourne cardiParty was held at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre and hosted by Jo Porter, CEO.

Strap yourself in for a complex but enlightening 30+ mins of the trails and tribulations of running an iconic community service and space, that has been assisting women in Victoria with their health and wellbeing since the 1800’s.

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cardiCast Episode 53 – Incendium Radical Library (IRL)

Melbourne newCardigan cardiParty

Recorded Live

Incendium Radical Library is a community library, reading room, and publishing press with a focus on radical politics and critical literature. The library started as a challenge the commodification of libraries, whether government, university, or council based. They see a mass production of a certain type of thinking which reproduces the structures of oppression that we live under. This cardiPaty, held in February of 2019, was host by two integral volunteers, Tilly and Anna-lise, who discusses that collection’s ideologies, community support and how they keep their doors open.

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