cardiCast episode 81 – Nicola Laurent

In this episode of cardiCast, Nicola Laurent, discusses her work as President of the Australian Society of Archivists, Senior Project Archivist of the Find & Connect web resource at the University of Melbourne, and New Professional Program Coordinator at the International Council of Archives. Nicola has a Master of Business Information System Professional with a semester of study completed at Simmons College in Boston in digital stewardship and archival theory. With Kirsten Wright, Nicola developed ‘A trauma-informed approach to managing archives’ and ‘Out-of-home care records toolkit’ online training courses for the Australian Society of Archivists.

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cardiCast episode 79 – Pippa Budge

In this episode of cardiCast, Pippa Budge, Curator, Multi-Arts Pavilion, Lake Macquarie City Council, shares her journey to open a new gallery of digital art in Speers Point (NSW). Pippa has worked at ACMI, Museums Victoria, Columbia University (NY), Museum of the Moving Image (NY), Vision Education and Media (NY), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), Acoustiguide (NY), Cineclub, National Gallery of Victoria, and Norman Carr Safaris (Zambia). Completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons) at University of Melbourne with an exchange program at the University of British Columbia, Masters of Teaching, Visual and Performing Arts at Melbourne University with an exchange program at the Rutgers Graduate School of Education (New Jersey).

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cardiCast episode 76 – Nathan mudyi Sentance and Jodie Dowd

In this episode of cardiCast, Jodie Dowd, Noongar woman, First Nations Cultural Collections Officer, and Nathan mudyi Sentance, Wiradjuri man, Digital Program Manager, at the Australian Museum share some insights into how life has been in NSW during lockdown, and their work on the Unsettled: Our untold history revealed exhibition. We also discuss the important work and emotional labour First Peoples experience working in the GLAMR sector sharing cultural knowledge, identity, and finding a work and life balance.

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cardiCast episode 71 – Nick Henderson

It’s been awhile since we published our last episode back at the start of 2020. As we could no longer host cardiParties, we ran out of recordings for cardiCast. We concentrated our efforts on cardiShorts, but now it’s time to bring back cardiCast with a series of Zoom interviews with members of our incredible GLAM community.

Our first episode in this series is with Nick Henderson, Curator at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), and volunteer curator and archivist at the Australian Queer Archives. We discuss the role of curator at NFSA and how that has changed over the last few years. Digital engagement with collections via social media and online; and accessing collections during a pandemic. LGBTIQA+ representation in collections, exhibitions and the GLAM community.

We hope you enjoy this new series.

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GLAM Blog Club – July 2018

Cool beans, we are all half way through the year (my, my doesn’t time fly) and it’s time for another GLAM Blog Club Wrap up. There was a deeply resplendent collection of thoughts from the GLAM sector on the topic of ‘Create’, so let’s give them all a moment on stage to show themselves off in the best light possible (using correct handling and conservation procedures, naturally).

Glamorous Windmill-tilter highlights the importance of having creative projects and making mistakes to assist with critical thinking and issue resolution. Hugh Rundle takes this line of thinking further and discusses Library technologies and practices that have had important learning outcomes, although being imperfect. Nik McGrath talks about her creative pursuits outside of the GLAM space being part of her self-care to allow her more energy to focus on work. However, if you do not consider yourself to be a creative type, take a few tips from the Happier Librarian about ways to still harness that sense of fun and think outside the box.

Edward Shaddow shares a plethora of exciting Youtube videos, whilst discuss the creation of new library spaces and resource for content creation. Alissa discusses Zines, how cool they are and the different tools you can use to cataloguing standard you can use to address them. Annelie discusses creating an opportunity for healing in the museum sector thorough the repatriation of Ancestral remains.

Funding is not usually a topic that gets discussed in the creative fields, but money is certainly needed to grease the wheels. Melly talk about raising funds, current online platforms for financial exchanges and why it’s hard for us all to get involved. Looking to the future, Andrew discusses creating career opportunities, for those of you in the library world.

Speaking of the future (and the future is now), our theme for July is Digital. We look forward to reading your blogs!

Please don’t forget to use the tag GLAM Blog Club in your post, and #GLAMBlogClub for any social media posts linking to it. If you haven’t done so yet, remember to register your blog at Aus GLAM Blogs. Happy blogging!