Cardi Party 2016.11

Planes, trains and helicopters

Recent adventures of a History Curator

Join Museum Victoria’s Curator, History of Collections as she reveals some of her recent projects including a short stint at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, an action packed Bioscan to Gunbower Island up on the Murray and how it all relates to a 19th century minor royal with a penchant for capes and drama.

Bec Carland is an historian specialising in cross-disciplinary projects that connect the Natural Science and Humanities collections at Museum Victoria. She is responsible for the Museum History Collection, Scientific Art and Expedition and Fieldwork Collections. Bec is also a member of the board of management of the Professional Historians Association of Victoria.

Saturday 12 November
2pm: Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre
3pm: Pumphouse Hotel

Bookings are essential and places are limited.

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