cardicast Episode 58 – City of Perth Library

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Our May Perth cardiParty was held at the City of Perth library. They kindly talked about their new building, how they developed the library and the role it plays in the community, including how they run events and have been building partnerships.

Music by Professor Kliq ‘Work at night’ Movements EP.
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cardiParty 2017.12.Melbourne – Data Mining with Stephanie Milsom

Join Stephanie Milsom for a chat about her recent exhibition, All of It, and what she’s working on next.

All Of It is a collection of every piece of information Google has collected about Milsom, of every piece of data that she has left behind. In a world that is increasingly concerned with digital privacy, All Of It shows us all of Milsom’s data and questions what it can and can not reveal about her.

Friday 15 December

Megaflex Room
Building 10, Level 6
RMIT University
376-392 Swanston Street Melbourne

Asian Beer Cafe
Level 3, Melbourne Central

cardiParty 2017.12.Perth – Curtin Library Makerspace

Join us for our next Perth cardiParty where Karen Miller, Curtin University Library Learning Coordinator & Academic, talks about the evolution of the Makerspace.

The Curtin Library Makerspace was one of the first university library makerspaces in Australia, and has recently expanded with its much bigger location on the 5th floor of the Robertson Library.

The makerspace is a learning space to foster the development of skills such as: digital literacies, critical thinking, complex problem solving, creative and iterative design and collaborative learning. It invites hands-on exploration of emerging technologies to cultivate expertise for the future workplace.

Friday 1 December

5.45pm* Curtin Library Makerspace, T.L. Robertson Library (Building 105, Level 5 | Room 510)

*5:45pm sharp cardies, latecomers will be locked out – literally!

7.00pm Varsity Bar – Waterford

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Cardi Party 2017.11.Melbourne – Prahran Mechanics’ Institute

Established in 1854, the Prahran Mechanics’ Institute (PMI) is a community owned and run library specialising in the history of Victoria, Australia.

The library aims to collect published resources about every locality in Victoria and every aspect of the history of the State. It is the only collection of its kind in Australia that is available for loan to the general public.

The PMI is also the home of Special Collections of the Mechanics’ Institutes of Victoria, the Cinema & Theatre Historical Society, and the Australian Railway Historical Society (Vic.).

Join General Manager of the PMI Victorian History Library, Steven Haby, for a tour of the library and a talk about this amazing Victorian history resource.

Continue the conversation over dinner and drinks at The Prahran Hotel.

Friday 10 November

6.30pmPrahran Mechanics’ Institute
39 St Edmonds Road, Prahran
(Melway 2L H11)

7.45pmThe Prahran Hotel
82 High St, Windsor

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Cardi Party 2017.11.Perth – The Nostalgia Box

Join us for the very first Perth cardiParty where Michael Peach the Marketing Manager for the Nostalgia Box will discuss how this interesting museum came about. If we are lucky there will be time for games!

The Nostalgia Box is Australia’s very first interactive Video Game Console Museum where visitors can come and experience a fun and exciting return to their youth.

Located in Northbridge, they have approximately 100 consoles dating from as early as the 1970s, right through to the 2000s. Uncovering old friends and unexpected creations as you explore the journey of the console from humble beginnings to the present day is what The Nostalgia Box is all about.

Replay the old classics such as Pong, Space Invaders, Super Mario, Sonic, even a little bit of Crash Bandicoot. Perfect for reviving your old favorites, as well as trying out some classics that you missed first time around.

Friday 10 November

6:00pm: The Nostalgia Box, 3/16 Aberdeen Street, Perth WA
6:30pm: Dominion League, 84 Beaufort St, Perth WA


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Cardi Party 2017.10 – James Hewison

James Hewison is currently the Head of Film Programs at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. James will explore the function of cinema as an agent for change.

From freelance writing for publications such as the French newspaper Liberation, to marketing roles at Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Palace Cinemas, the early years of James’ career were spent in journalism and film. These diverse experiences consolidated James’ knowledge of the media and film industries, enabling him to take on the role of Executive Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2001, where he remained for six years, before moving to the Australian Film Institute in 2006 as CEO. From 2007 to 2011, he was Theatrical Distribution Manager for Madman Entertainment. During his time at Madman, James managed the releases of multi-award winning Australian features such as Animal Kingdom and Snowtown.

In addition to James’ extensive experience in film distribution and marketing, he has worked in production, most notably as the Associate Producer on Clara Law’s Letters To Ali, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2004. He has been collaborating with filmmakers Amiel Courtin- Wilson and LA based Rick Charnoski. Most recently he curated the projections & and live performance events, Under The Wire, for the 2016 Melbourne Festival.

James consulted for 5 years across development, acquisition, curation and distribution for a range of international clients, from Canal+ to Hobart’s iconic Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). He also was Head of Development and Acquisitions for the award-winning production and distribution company, Curious.