Cardi Party 2017.07 - Racism and Identity with Lauren Ellis

The Immigration Museum is about our identity and place in the world. We are a place that inspires hope and possibilities for today and the future. We are shaped by the intersection of people and ideas through collaborations with communities, artists, and thinkers from Victoria, Australia and around the world. Together we seek to create empathy, understanding and impact through the diverse experiences that we share. Identity: yours, mine, ours is an exhibition that explores being and belonging in our modern world. It explores the complexity and fluidity of identity across culture, language, faith, sexuality, gender, and generations. Presenting a social history of our inherited prejudices and biases, it addresses racism in contemporary society and suggests some first steps in contributing to a safer, more inclusive community.

Lauren is the Exhibitions Manager at the Immigration Museum, facilitating collaboration between the museum and a range of community groups and diverse cultural practitioners. She's worked for Museums Victoria in a variety of roles focused on community co-creation and new audience development. She spent just over 2 years working for a ethnographic museum in Luang Prabang, Laos, and undertook an Asialink arts management residency in Hong Kong in 2011. She's currently serving as the President of Museums Australia (Victoria).

Saturday 15 July
Immigration Museum


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