Five reflections on five years: a lot of noise

newCardigan is five years old this month. If we were a human, we’d be “going” to school over Zoom by now! Normally we like to have a little birthday cardiParty in June, but things are weird this year. Instead, every day this week one of the ‘cardiCore’ will be sharing their personal reflections on the first five years of newCardigan. Please share your own reflections with us on your favourite social media, your blog, as a video or audio recording, an email, or via ye olde postal service. We can’t wait to read, hear and watch them.

Image: Clare Presser recording a cardiCast episode in the studio, October 2018

Goodness gracious – I have been part of newCardigan for a little over 3 years now. And what a ride it has been! I have managed to be part of the cardiCore from places around the world, interviewed Zine librarians in New York and strolled around just so many cool collections. For the most part, I have put the most energy in the cardiCasts – editing, recording and generally having a fun time sticking a mic into people’s faces. I am not the originator of the cardiCast (you can all thank Justine for that), but it has allowed me to keep my editing chops fresh as a daisy.

Image: Justine Hanna recording a cardiCast episode in the studio, June 2017

The challenge with cardiCast as an editor, and quite possibly for the listener, is to make the audio as easy to listen to as possible. I have hung over bannisters, crouched on the ground and convinced people to talk to me in broom cupboards to try and get the clearest listening experience possible.

Image: Clare Presser recording audio for cardiCast at the Sale Water Tower Museum, November 2019

People think GLAM institutions are quiet places. I don’t think people know how much noise an air conditioner makes, how acoustically live a concrete vault is or just how much of an auditory overload an interactive exhibition can be (hello animatronic dinosaurs). We, as a sector, make a lot of noise. Be as literal or metaphorical about that as you want, really!

Playing around with such an inspiring palette of people, places and organisations is a joy and a real pleasure. We all do some really cool stuff and it’s so great to get that out there. 

Keep on writing those hits, kids.
We’ll keep on shouting it from the rooftops.   

Reset reading group

The Commons Social Change Library has launched the Reset Reading Group project:

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted business as usual in ways that are still unfolding and we are still coming to understand. This disruption opens up different possible futures: in one direction deepening inequality, injustice and climate impacts, in the other the chance to recover from this crisis and build worlds based on social and ecological justice.

Everything is being Reset… How things unfold from here is up to us. This reading group is a chance to take the time to develop shared ideas and visions for a just future, together.

At newCardigan, we love this idea, and we’ll be hosting a GLAM-flavoured discussion group. Every second Wednesday from 13 May we will discuss the material in that fortnight’s reading list provided by The Commons – what does it mean for us as GLAM workers, and as humans? What ideas and visions of the future does it speak to? And what do we intend to do about it?

To join newCardigan’s ‘local’ Reset reading group, simply email us at and let us know you’re interested! We know that many of you are spending far more time than you want to in videoconferences at the moment, so unlike the ‘main’ Reset groups we will not be using Zoom for these discussions. Instead, participants will come together each fortnight at for a group discussion much like a Twitter chat – you’ll get more details on how this will work and how to register, when you join.

The first readings will arrive on Monday 4 May but you can join at any time.

cardiParty 2019.03 Sydney – Liz Stokes @ SLNSW

 Registration is closed for this event
Join us at this GLAMSLAM Fringe event on Thursday 14 March, 6.30pm at State Library NSW - Macquarie Room - for a special one-off (maybe) cardiParty hosted by founders Justine Hanna and Hugh Rundle and featuring guest speaker Liz Stokes from the Australian Research Data Commons.

Before joining ARDC, Liz cut her Data Librarian teeth at UNSW and later UTS, and has been part of the organising team over the last 2 years for Resbaz Sydney - an extraordinary unconference of skill sharing and digital literacy. She will share stories about how librarians learn and why they should be stepping into the data space. This of course will be injected with a good serve of enthusiasm for awesome projects and profession-appropriate training materials. We are also hoping she will relaunch her side project because who wouldn't want that?

Getting There

Train: Martin Place (200m) or St James (450m) stations
Ferry: Circular Quay
Bus: Sydney Explorer
Car: The nearest parking station is Sydney Hospital, located on Hospital Road. We recommend public transport instead.

The Macquarie Room is located beside the State Library café and bookshop on the ground floor in the Macquarie Street building. Walk straight through the café to the end of the room and you’ll find it. The staff member on the information counter will be able to direct you if you get lost.


If you have a Mobility Parking sticker, you can use the parking spaces at Shakespeare Place, on the corner of Macquarie Street and the Cahill Expressway. The State Library is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilet facilities. More information about accessibility is available on the SLNSW website.

Continue the conversation

After Liz's talk we'll head to The Old Fitzroy for a drink and a chat - if you can't make it to the State Library, you're still very welcome to join us for drinks! It's approx 15 minute walk from the library, we expect to be there by 8pm.

The Old Fitzroy
129 Dowling St

14th March 2019 starting 6:30 PM through  9:30 PM

State Library of New South Wales
Macquarie St
Macquarie Room
Sydney, NSW 2000

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We’re turning three and you get the presents!

newCardigan dates our ‘birthday’ from our first cardiParty in June 2015, so each June we celebrate another year. This time we celebrated at the Duke of Wellington in Melbourne and we’ve also put together a timeline. If you’re a relatively new Cardi then this will show you where we’ve come from, and if you’ve shared most or all of the journey with us it will hopefully bring back great memories!

To help you celebrate and show how much you love newCardigan, we’ve also released some newCardigan t-shirts for you to purchase on Red Bubble. All profits will go to keeping newCardigan going for another three years and beyond – so show the world how much you love newCardigan and buy a t-shirt today!

Can’t afford a shirt and rent this month? No problem, you can at least check out our pics of other cardies wearing them, on our new Instagram account.

Some big news …

The last two and a half years have seen newCardigan grow and go from strength to strength as we introduced cardiCast and GLAM Blog Club to the newCardigan community. We continue to host cardiParties with interesting speakers from the GLAM sector each month, and recently we expanded our reach to run events in Perth in addition to Melbourne.

newCardigan runs entirely on volunteer labour and so in order to continue to deliver the best we can to you, our Cardies, we decided to incorporate newCardigan as a not for profit Association.

That’s right folks, we are all grown up and professional and we’d like to invite all our wonderful Cardies to head to our newly updated website and join newCardigan as official members – and maybe even make a donation if at all possible. This will help us keep the servers whirring and the Cardies partying and ensure we can continue to source great speakers and locations for our community.

We are looking forward to a great 2018 full of amazing speakers from the GLAM sector, so go on, join us!

Statement on Marriage Equality

The newCardigan Committee were disappointed by the recent High Court decision to allow the Marriage Law voluntary postal survey to proceed. This unnecessary survey has already been hurtful and dangerous for LGBTQI+ Australians before it has even begun. We recognise that this time is especially hard for our LGBTQI+ friends and colleagues.

newCardigan provides an environment where everyone is welcome. We are a diverse community from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and enriching experience, we ask newCardigan community members to bring a spirit of respect and friendly inquiry to all interactions.

It is clear to us that holding a national postal survey on whether all loving couples should have the same rights is not compatible with an enjoyable and enriching experience, nor with respectful inquiry.

To our LGBTQI+ colleagues: We are with you.
To the newCardigan community: Please vote ‘Yes’.
And to our Parliament: JFDI.

Justine Hanna
Nik McGrath
Hugh Rundle
Andrew Kelly
Clare Presser

For action on marriage equality: