GLAM Blog Club – August 2017

Identity was the theme for July GLAM Blog Club.

A wide range of topics were discussed this month, many were extremely personal and all of them were powerful. We thank all the cardies who shared openly and acknowledge and respect those who didn’t feel safe enough to.

First up we have Nathan Sentance talking about his identity as a Wiradjuri man and the construct of Aboriginal identity by colonisers.

Paige the Librarian looks at the similarities and differences between GLAM professionals.

Read all about Narrative Identity theory with Annelie De Villiers.

We have librarians (cardi Core member Justine Hanna) and non-librarians (Matthew Burgess) looking at their identities.

Clare gives us two posts this month, the first shows us how important it is to find yourself in books. The second looks at a GLAMorous homotopia.

Melly Tango addresses racism and identity in Australia.

Hugh Rundle, cardi core member, takes a very different approach and throws data into the mix.

An interesting post from Heather Iveson shows how a well rounded identity is important.

Dual identities cause some reflection for both Kassi Grace and Alissa.

Sarah Treweek looks at how she has reformed her identity between being a parent and study.

Anne Reddacliff removes her profession from her identity and looks at what is left over (spoiler: it’s a lot).

Cardi core member Nic McGrath attempts to catalogue herself, like the GLAM geek she is <3.

Another cardi core, Clare Presser, has an identity crisis while packing up her life.

Finally, I reveal the origin behind the mysterious Edward Shaddow.

August GLAM Blog Club theme is SILENCE.

An almost juxtoposition of our August CardiParty at PBS FM, this month’s theme looks at silence. The old library stereotype of being shushed is what most people think of, but what about the voices that are silenced every day in the wider world? What aren’t we talking about in GLAM, and who should be silent and listen to those unheard? Think beyond the obvious and speak up this month.

Don’t forget to tag your blog post “GLAM Blog Club”, tweet a link to it using the hashtag #glamblogclub, and register your blog at (blog registration only available to Australians or Australia-connected GLAMers). As always, we are extremely excited to read your blogs. So spread the word, and make sure all of your GLAM friends and colleagues get blogging!