GLAM Blog Club August 2019

As usual, in July we gave you a GLAM Blog Club theme to help you think of something to write about. Did you see what I did there? That’s right, the theme was ‘Help’!

Anne took on the theme with gusto, encouraging readers (viewers?) to help out by learning Aboriginal languages for NAIDOC Week (and the International Year of Indigenous Languages!), and offering to help out herself by suggesting some reading on cultural competencies.

Ellen came up with a lot of questions to think about, sparked by our theme. Libraries and librarians like to say they’re here to help, but Ellen asks How equitable is the help your library provides? 

Mel was also thinking about how libraries help people, and the processes used. It’s safe to say she thinks there’s some room for improvement.

It will shock you to read that in July, Alissa blogged about library cataloguing. This time it’s something of a meditation on how libraries have and do define ‘customer service’, ‘help’, and what sort of work gets to be part of that.

You might have noticed that this post is a little late. Apologies for that – I was assigned to write it but after some dental surgery I was a little spaced-out on painkillers and completely forgot. And speaking of space – it’s our theme for August! Do you have some thoughts on exhibition spaces? Been waiting to share your ideas about the use of space in your favourite genre of art? Perhaps your library has been re-arranging spaces and moving more books into offsite storage? Have you been contemplating the effect on your inner space of handling upsetting archival material? Or maybe you’re just excited about outer space after the recent moon landing anniversary?

Whatever the link you’re making, ensure that you tag your post GLAM Blog Club and if you’re sharing it on social media, use #GLAMBlogClub. And if you haven’t already, register your blog on the app.

We can’t wait to read your thoughts about space!