GLAM Blog Club – January 2019

Last night marked the end of 2018, and all through December the GLAM community shared their thoughts on ‘End’ for GLAM Blog Club.

Chloe has finished her fieldwork and her entire Masters in Library and Information Practice.

Rebecca’s love of museums and exhibitions has definitely not ended: she reviewed the State Library of Queensland’s new exhibition Home: a suburban obsession, the Wellington Museum and Te Papa.

Nathan called for an end to passivity in the GLAM professions:

Memory institutions have power they need to share with grassroots organisations working towards repairing the damage done by and preventing future harm caused by white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, ableism, and capitalism.

Andrew reflected on Nathan’s post, in a rather philosophical post asking “What is our endgame as librarians?”, whilst Kassi contemplated The end of the year, the start of something.

Romany decided to end her (blogging) silence rather than her blog, and shared some thoughts about Ending the “either/or”.

Glenn was happy to see the end of 2018, whilst Clare wrote about the important of defining where the ‘end’ is, as did Ros, from a different perspective. Meanwhile Nik was comfortable pointing out that there is no end, but maybe you can leave a legacy.

Anne told us what she will be ending in 2019, whilst Clare had a dream that the use of Dewey Decimal Classification came to an end in her workplace.

Alissa ended the year with a roundup of everything she achieved in 2018, including seeing the Museum of the Riverina’s gold-plated Chiko Roll.

Jane suggested Four things public libraries needs to end, whilst I extended my own suggestions for things that must end in GLAM.

So now it’s January again, and you know what that means: it’s time to write about What I learned last year and/or what I want to learn this year. Quite a few of you have already written about your achievements in 2018, but we really want you to share what you learned as well. We’re looking forward to reading all of your posts this month – and every month this year! Now there’s a resolution worth making.