GLAM Blog Club – July 2018

Cool beans, we are all half way through the year (my, my doesn’t time fly) and it’s time for another GLAM Blog Club Wrap up. There was a deeply resplendent collection of thoughts from the GLAM sector on the topic of ‘Create’, so let’s give them all a moment on stage to show themselves off in the best light possible (using correct handling and conservation procedures, naturally).

Glamorous Windmill-tilter highlights the importance of having creative projects and making mistakes to assist with critical thinking and issue resolution. Hugh Rundle takes this line of thinking further and discusses Library technologies and practices that have had important learning outcomes, although being imperfect. Nik McGrath talks about her creative pursuits outside of the GLAM space being part of her self-care to allow her more energy to focus on work. However, if you do not consider yourself to be a creative type, take a few tips from the Happier Librarian about ways to still harness that sense of fun and think outside the box.

Edward Shaddow shares a plethora of exciting Youtube videos, whilst discuss the creation of new library spaces and resource for content creation. Alissa discusses Zines, how cool they are and the different tools you can use to cataloguing standard you can use to address them. Annelie discusses creating an opportunity for healing in the museum sector thorough the repatriation of Ancestral remains.

Funding is not usually a topic that gets discussed in the creative fields, but money is certainly needed to grease the wheels. Melly talk about raising funds, current online platforms for financial exchanges and why it’s hard for us all to get involved. Looking to the future, Andrew discusses creating career opportunities, for those of you in the library world.

Speaking of the future (and the future is now), our theme for July is Digital. We look forward to reading your blogs!

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