GLAM Blog Club – June 2017

Our theme for May was “GLAM 3017”, and once again the GLAM blogging community rose to the challenge. GLAMers took inspiration from science fiction, catalogued it, or wrote their own speculative fiction about archives and libraries. Some mused about the historic flaws in communicating and storing information, whilst others expressed faith in our ability to preserve digital objects into the future. We had a post on the library work of the future, and the “why not people” who might be doing that work.

Some hoped for a GLAM future that is welcoming and full of useful technology, whist others expressed some concern about what will be left of civilisation or simply told us that there will be no GLAM in 3017, because we will all be dead.

Let us know what you thought about all these posts, in the comments below.

And now it’s time for our June GLAM Blog Club topic, which is….


We chose this topic to tie in with our booked-out (sorry) June Cardi Party where Mel Begg will talk about Horror film archives. Perhaps you too have an interest in fear-themed GLAM. Perhaps you have a library ghost, a museum exhibit with a facial expression that is zoologically improbable and/or terrifying to small children, a portrait with eyes that follow you around the room, or an archive full of zombies. Are there GLAM tasks you fear, or things we can do in the GLAM industry to help people with phobias? If it’s related to fear and GLAM, we want to read it.

Don’t forget to tag your blog post “GLAM Blog Club”, tweet a link to it using the hashtag #glamblogclub, and register your blog at (blog registration only available to Australians or Australia-connected GLAMers). We’re really looking forward to reading what you come up with in Scary June!