GLAM Blog Club August – Top five ‘weird’

Last month’s theme was top 5 ‘big’. Anne, a member of ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group, blogged Top 5 things you didn’t know you could recycle – some big tips here for going plastic free and recycling. Top 5 Big Library Ideas in History Hugh takes a walk through history with a critical eye at the role of libraries. Tamara shared Top 5 ‘Big’: Things I Wish Past Me Had Known, useful career tips for archivists, records managers, and information managers. Thanks to everyone who blogged in July.

This month’s theme is top 5 ‘weird’. What’s your list of top 5 weirdest items in a GLAM collection? What’s your top 5 weirdest research enquiries you’ve received? Top 5 weirdest books you’ve catalogued? Top 5 weirdest GLAM institutions in the world? We can’t wait to read this month’s blogs.

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GLAM Blog Club June – Exuberance

May’s theme was snap! Snap! It’s almost a word that cannot be separated from an exclamation mark! Katalin explores recycling and e-waste ideas for GLAM in Ideas to make you shout “SNAP!”

The theme for June is exuberance. Another word that isn’t easily separated from an exclamation mark! Excitement! Energy! Youthful exuberance! How will you interpret this theme?! Are you exuberant about the collections you work with? What excites you about your job? Is there a lot of youthful exuberance in your workplace? We look forward to reading your blogs.

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cardiShort 17 – Prof Amareswar Galla

Amareswar Galla is Professor of Inclusive Cultural Leadership and Founding Director of the International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership, and Dean of Faculty Development and Leadership, Anant National University, Ahmedabad, India. Prof Galla is the Founding Executive Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum (iiiM), Australia/India/USA.

Prof Galla’s cardiShort gives an overview of the history and inception of the iiiM.

I met Prof Galla at the 17th Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) University in Penang, Malaysia, in 2011, where Prof Galla presented workshops to 41 students (I was one of those students) from 31 countries (including Asia, Europe, and for the first time Australia). His workshops inspired me and helped me along my path of working in the GLAM sector. Thanks Prof Galla!

Prof Galla speaking to camera

GLAM Blog Club January – Neighbour

The theme for December was lessen – what lessened or diminished for you during 2020? Clare’s Micro Essays – GLAM Blog Club was inspired by Nathan Sentance’s Micro Essays Aus GLAM Blogs – short blogs that are concise and to the point. Clare’s thoughts are on critical ideas around GLAM from their “reading, watching, listening to, and doing lately”, and Nathan was inspired by the theme ‘lessen’ and how he could be “more concise” in his writing. Clare’s next micro essay was On slow librarianship and scholarship, union slow downs, and creativity and collectively resisting neoliberal time. ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group’s blog was on 5 sustainable gifts to lessen your waste this Christmas. Andrew’s Lessening the use of outdated subject headings in the library catalogue reflects on a recent project to replace or update problematic subject headings related to disability-related subject headings in a collection about hearing loss and vision impairment. Andrew (no relation) reviewed the year that was, and Hugh wrote about what a shorter work week really means. Alissa’s The caretaker – reflects on the year that was “intense and horrifying and miserable and lonely and exhausting”, and a personal goal “not to lessen my reading. I didn’t finish a single book. And that’s okay because I kinda had bigger things to deal with”. Whatever you do GLAM bloggers, please be kind to yourself, and lessen the burden of your new years resolutions, goals and achievements for the year ahead. Community will be more important than ever.

The theme for January is neighbour. Love thy neighbour? Do you know your neighbours by name? What does ‘neighbour’ mean to you?

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cardiShorts episode 13 – Lauren Ellis

In this episode Lauren Ellis, Curatorial Manager at Bendigo Art Gallery, reflects on some of the incredible digital content freely available this year, and lists some recommendations: Dungala Kaiela Oration by Dr Lois Peeler AM; Making Art Work by the Institute of Modern Art; Hyper-linked by Art Gallery of New South Wales; Defining Moments: Australian Exhibition Histories 1968-1999 by Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; Third Culture Kids on ABC iView; The AIDS Memorial.

Lauren has added a bonus recommendation, not mentioned in her cardiShort: “Another pod I have loved this year in the lead up to the US election explored the historical and intentional foundations of systemic racism and exclusion – Who We Are hosted by Carvell Wallace (who also hosted the beautiful Finding Fred pod)”.

Lauren shared some beautiful footage of the Piinpi: Contemporary Indigenous Fashion and the Peta Clancy: Undercurrent exhibitions now open.

Many will remember Lauren from her cardiParty on Racism and Identity in Australia, and a tour of the Identity: your, mine, ours exhibition at the Immigration Museum in July 2017, available to listen to on cardiCast.

Big thank you to Lauren. I can’t wait to visit Bendigo Art Gallery this Summer.

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cardiShorts episode 11 – Adria Castellucci

Adria Castellucci, Librarian at the Australian Museum in Sydney, and my hilarious friend from our days studying info management at RMIT, shares what it’s been like working from home. Adria has been working on some fascinating digital engagement projects, digitisation legacy content, and virtual storytime! Adria – you’ve brightened my day, thanks a bunch!

Do you work in GLAM and would you like to do a short video for cardiShorts? For beginner filmmakers, Andrew Kelly has written a blog with some helpful pointers. If you’re interested in submitting a cardiShort, please contact us at