cardiCast episode 86 – Valerie Love

In this episode of cardiCast, Valerie Love shares their passion for archives, digital preservation, and social justice.

Valerie is currently on a one year secondment as Curator, Oral History and Sound at the National Library of New Zealand. Valerie’s substantive position is Senior Digital Archivist.

Valerie moved to Aotearoa in 2011 to be close to a loved one. Initially worked as a Educational Bookings Coordinator at the Carter Observatory in Wellington for 12 months, before starting a role as Research Librarian, Digital Materials in 2012 at the National Library.

Valerie’s career in archives began while studying a Masters in Library, Information Studies and Archival Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In their final year, Valerie began a two year position as Archivist at the Institute for Social Change at the University of Memphis. Here their passion for social change was ignited. Then from 2007 to 2011, they worked as Curator for Human Rights and Alternative Press Collections at the University of Connecticut.

After many years of working with archival collections containing traumatic material, Valerie knew it was time for change, and moving from the US to Aotearoa came at the right time. Self care is also an important discussion when managing traumatic collections.

Recorded in Naarm (Melbourne) and Aotearoa.
Edited on unceded Awabakal and Worimi land.

Music by Professor Kliq ‘Work at night’ Movements EP.
Sourced from Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons licence.

cardiCast episode 85 – Ethel Villafranca

In this episode of cardiCast, Dr Ethel Villafranca, Curator and Exhibitions Manager at the Museum of Chinese Australian History, discusses her career in museums and libraries that spans more than a decade specialising in museum education, administration and curatorship.

Ethel’s career began in her home county of the Philippines, before Ethel moved to Melbourne to complete a PhD at the University of Melbourne in the ARC Linkage Project Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change Project. Ethel’s thesis is entitled Curated learning: a pedagogical approach to maximise learning environments for students’ deep learning.

Ethel discusses the benefits of starting a career in the GLAMR sector in the graduate internship program at the Lamelson’s Center’s Spark Lab at the National Museum of American History in Washington, US.

Ethel shares the challenges of her work in a community museum, and how the variety of skills and experience over the past decade have prepared her for the many hats her and her colleagues take on at the Museum of Chinese Australian History.

Recorded in Naarm (Melbourne).
Edited on unceded Awabakal and Worimi land.

Music by Professor Kliq ‘Work at night’ Movements EP.
Sourced from Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons licence.

cardiCast episode 84 – Rebecca Louise Clarke

In this episode of cardiCast we interview Rebecca Louise Clarke, writer (her book “The Monkey’s Mask: Film, Poetry and The Female Voice” was published in 2012), curator, PhD candidate of the Mother Archive project at Monash University (thesis will be published as a book), research associate at Museums Victoria, and Museum of Motherhood (Petersburg, USA) online resident.

GLAM Blog Club August – Top five ‘weird’

Last month’s theme was top 5 ‘big’. Anne, a member of ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group, blogged Top 5 things you didn’t know you could recycle – some big tips here for going plastic free and recycling. Top 5 Big Library Ideas in History Hugh takes a walk through history with a critical eye at the role of libraries. Tamara shared Top 5 ‘Big’: Things I Wish Past Me Had Known, useful career tips for archivists, records managers, and information managers. Thanks to everyone who blogged in July.

This month’s theme is top 5 ‘weird’. What’s your list of top 5 weirdest items in a GLAM collection? What’s your top 5 weirdest research enquiries you’ve received? Top 5 weirdest books you’ve catalogued? Top 5 weirdest GLAM institutions in the world? We can’t wait to read this month’s blogs.

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GLAM Blog Club June – Exuberance

May’s theme was snap! Snap! It’s almost a word that cannot be separated from an exclamation mark! Katalin explores recycling and e-waste ideas for GLAM in Ideas to make you shout “SNAP!”

The theme for June is exuberance. Another word that isn’t easily separated from an exclamation mark! Excitement! Energy! Youthful exuberance! How will you interpret this theme?! Are you exuberant about the collections you work with? What excites you about your job? Is there a lot of youthful exuberance in your workplace? We look forward to reading your blogs.

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cardiShort 17 – Prof Amareswar Galla

Amareswar Galla is Professor of Inclusive Cultural Leadership and Founding Director of the International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership, and Dean of Faculty Development and Leadership, Anant National University, Ahmedabad, India. Prof Galla is the Founding Executive Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum (iiiM), Australia/India/USA.

Prof Galla’s cardiShort gives an overview of the history and inception of the iiiM.

I met Prof Galla at the 17th Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) University in Penang, Malaysia, in 2011, where Prof Galla presented workshops to 41 students (I was one of those students) from 31 countries (including Asia, Europe, and for the first time Australia). His workshops inspired me and helped me along my path of working in the GLAM sector. Thanks Prof Galla!

Prof Galla speaking to camera