cardiCast episode 77 – Violet Hamence-Davies

In this episode of cardiCast, Violet Hamence-Davies, archivist at Good Shepherd Australia NZ and Convenor of the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) Victorian Branch, shares insights into her work as an archivist, completing a Master of Business Information Systems in 2020, her current PhD research at Monash University, and juggling all of the above during a pandemic. Violet also has mad video editing skills which you can check out in the following ASA VIC videos: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, International Archives Week, and World Digital Preservation Day.

Music by Professor Kliq ‘Work at night’ Movements EP.
Sourced from Free Music Archive under a Creative Commons licence.

cardiParty 2020.3 Melbourne

Queering the GLAM sector - teach in

Is your Knowledge Industry in Need of Queering (KINQ)? Have you done something to help make your spaces, collections, and/or services more LGBTIQ+ inclusive recently? Wondering how you would say no if a trans exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) group requested to use a meeting room at your library? Or maybe you want to put on some queer glasses and take a look around your GLAM and see what’s missing?

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