GLAM Blog Club – December 2019

This month’s theme intersection(s), thanks to Danielle for the theme, it was interpreted in a number of very interesting ways, sometimes surprising.

Hospitals, libraries, PTSD and the importance of being trauma-informed, Nikki argues that “Trauma is a prevalent part of life and society, and librarians need to be trauma-informed and acknowledge the depth and intersectionality of trauma”.

Walking on a tight rope Melly shares what it’s like to have to let go of a collection when moving from one team to the next, knowing that nobody will take over care of the collection, that it’s down to management what happens to the collection next.

Paths, Mike’s keynote at the 2019 Research Applications in Information and Libraries Conference explores context, “relationships, pathways and the in-between”.

A GLAMorous look at Midsumma 2020, Clare reviews the program for introverts and GLAM peeps, stating that the program has “some good intersectional LGBTIQ+ representation.”

Do No Harm, Edward states that most libraries don’t have a framework to be part of social change, such as anti-oppression, intersectional feminism, and prison abolition.

#NotEnoughSciFi: To Write Like a Woman, Matt discusses the theory of Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, “overlapping identities and systems of oppression” through a lens of Science Fiction and Fantasy recently published works.

All the single ladies: Intersections between happiness and feminism, Anne breaks the stereotype that single women are unhappy.

Thanks for all who wrote on this month’s theme. The theme for December is ‘free’, thanks to Bonnie Wildie. Would you like to see the cost of entry to your museum to be free? Do you believe in free access to information? What do you think should be free and what should incur a fee in your GLAM work place? Should overdue book returns be free? We look forward to reading your blogs.

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GLAM Blog Club – November 2019

It’s time to take a deep breath, because the busy month of October is done and dusted. Which is also true for the theme of Question.

Shall we start with Ellen, who got in the spirit of things by asking us all a question?
Does Hugh want us to think more about how we discover information?
Does Alissa really need to question her IT skills in library context?
Will this lead to Ms Mary Mac to ponder her own thoughts on being enough in this sector?
Has Clareifications considered all aspects of planning a citation party?
What on earth is a citation party?
Does Sayraphim get to the bottom of why teachers are not trained in using social media?
Can Lib_idol truly answer the (rhetorical) question of How awesome is it to be at an event in Australia where white people are the minority?’?

Ponder this last question and warm yourselves up for this month’s theme Intersection(s), courtesy of Danielle (find them on twitter @libdanielleJ).

Still interested in discussions happening out in the blogosphere? Here are a few more to feast your inquiring minds upon:
Reflections On IPRES 2019
Design the Archive Conference in Adelaide 2019
Starting a PHD… at 58 Year Old?
RIMPA Live Wrap Up

As always, we are excited to read your blogs. Spread the word, and make sure all of your GLAM friends and colleagues get blogging!

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GLAM Blog Club – October 2019

We were off to a slow start in September, but many secrets streamed in over the weekend!

Newcomer to GLAM blog club, Kassie, thought this month’s theme was a good opportunity to fight impostor syndrome and launch their blog which they’d been working on in secret for awhile – welcome, and thank you for a great post and the tips on fighting impostor syndrome, Kassie! Speaking of clubs, Ros shared some GLAM industry knowledge secrets and created handouts that will be really helpful for demystifying GLAM practice (and acronyms) when working with people from outside our GLAMorous sector!

While Danielle was revealing her not very secret love of romance novels and urging people in public libraries to fight against profile buying, leave their literary snobbery behind, and start developing more diverse and comprehensive romance novel collections for their communities, Hugh was reflecting privacy and consent after death using two recent case studies. 

Nikki wrote a moving and powerful piece on the secret of struggling (and importance of kindness and asking for help)- thank you Nikki – Sharing our experiences and struggles is often really, really helpful. Anne shared some of her secrets to happiness which may help Nikki and others –  reading is one of Anne’s secrets (surprise!) and you’ll find a reading recommendation at the end of the video too. On a similar theme, I shared some of the tools in my killjoy survival kit inspired by the Secret Feminist Agenda podcast – books and reading come up again! 

Finally, just minutes before midnight on September 30th, Andrew got in a brilliant and thoughtful post reflecting on his experiences as a “Secret Asian Man” and some of the privileges and pitfalls of “passing”.  

I think October’s theme – suggested by Hana @thewhaanga will be close to many GLAMorous hearts: Question! Have you been asked a surprising question in your GLAMorous life that you want to share? Or do you have some thoughts on the what the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything might be? Or want to ask some hard questions of our profession to challenge assumptions that shape our work? Have you been doing lots of job interviews lately and received (or asked) any curly questions?

As always, we are excited to read your blogs. Spread the word, and make sure all of your GLAM friends and colleagues get blogging!

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GLAM Blog Club – September 2019

I have a half-written blog post about space sitting in my drafts. Perhaps some of you do too. We’ve entered the ‘mid year slump’ phase of the GLAM Blog Club year, where we traditionally tend to see a downturn in the number of posts, as everyone’s new year resolution to blog more gives way to all the other things you’ve promised to do.

Some Club members, of course, provided us with great thoughts to ponder. Ellen asked, “Who do you make space for in your library?” Clare wrote about feeling reinvigorated by two experiences of queering GLAM spaces, whilst Rebecca visited four exhibition spaces in two museums whilst she was in Melbourne – nice one! Liz shared her reflections on NLS9 and how different physical and mental spaces did and did not work for her, whilst the Thesis Whisperer dropped in with some tips about specialised writing spaces to help you finish that PhD.

Feeling inspired for September? No? Well, you can keep your lack of confidence a secret, and post something anyway! Blog Club is all about sharing your GLAM thoughts and ideas, whether fully formed or half-baked, so don’t keep them a secret – get blogging on our September theme of ‘secret‘ (thanks for the suggestion, comrade), and remember to tag your post with GLAM Blog Club (and if you’re tweeting about it, use the hashtag #GLAMBlogClub). If you haven’t already registered your blog, don’t forget to do that too. Happy blogging!

GLAM Blog Club August 2019

As usual, in July we gave you a GLAM Blog Club theme to help you think of something to write about. Did you see what I did there? That’s right, the theme was ‘Help’!

Anne took on the theme with gusto, encouraging readers (viewers?) to help out by learning Aboriginal languages for NAIDOC Week (and the International Year of Indigenous Languages!), and offering to help out herself by suggesting some reading on cultural competencies.

Ellen came up with a lot of questions to think about, sparked by our theme. Libraries and librarians like to say they’re here to help, but Ellen asks How equitable is the help your library provides? 

Mel was also thinking about how libraries help people, and the processes used. It’s safe to say she thinks there’s some room for improvement.

It will shock you to read that in July, Alissa blogged about library cataloguing. This time it’s something of a meditation on how libraries have and do define ‘customer service’, ‘help’, and what sort of work gets to be part of that.

You might have noticed that this post is a little late. Apologies for that – I was assigned to write it but after some dental surgery I was a little spaced-out on painkillers and completely forgot. And speaking of space – it’s our theme for August! Do you have some thoughts on exhibition spaces? Been waiting to share your ideas about the use of space in your favourite genre of art? Perhaps your library has been re-arranging spaces and moving more books into offsite storage? Have you been contemplating the effect on your inner space of handling upsetting archival material? Or maybe you’re just excited about outer space after the recent moon landing anniversary?

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We can’t wait to read your thoughts about space!

GLAM Blog Club July 2019

Happy New Financial Year!

Yes, the month is over already, and our month of radical blog posts has also come to an end. Anne started us off with some radical ideas about happiness, but on a less happy note, Lisa Dempster explored whether public libraries really are as equitable as we might like to think (spoiler: probably not). Kathryn delved into some fascinating research to write about radical kindness, I wrote a highly opinionated taxonomy of librarianship (though admittedly most things I write are highly opinionated), and Andrew asked the radical question Where are all the radical librarians of colour? If you’re shouting “I’m right here!” read his post and get in touch with him. Clare reflected on librarian stereotypes and whether radical action is needed to change them, whilst Alissa started to wonder whether the idea of being radical is entirely a matter of perspective. Rounding out our tour was Michaela, writing about her nan’s bias. I finish with these two posts because Michaela suggested our June theme of ‘radical’, and Alissa, along with Nargis Munni, suggested our theme for July: Help. Thanks team!

Sometimes the GLAM sectors have been included in the term ‘helping professions’ – perhaps you have some thoughts on that. Is there a big idea you need some help with? Or a small thing? Have you got a great story about something you have helped with? However you interpret the theme, be sure to tag your posts “GLAM Blog Club” and tweet about them using the hashtag #GLAMBlogClub. We can’t wait to read them.